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Angelina Jolie's Kids Joined Her On The Red Carpet And They're So Grown Up

It seems like just yesterday the world was shocked to find out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were dating. I could have sworn it was no earlier than this morning that we were all reeling with the knowledge that Angelina was pregnant with Shiloh for the first time. Wasn't it just five minutes ago that twins Knox and Vivienne were born?

Time is seriously flying.

Five out of six of the Jolie-Pitt clan made an appearance on the red carpet with Angelina this week, and they're apparently all grown up.

The sixth (and oldest) of the clan, Maddox, didn't join his family on the red carpet as he's currently attending college in South Korea.

The others all joined their mom in iconic black outfits.

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From left to right, we have Pax (15), Shiloh (13), Vivienne (11), Zahara (14), and Knox (11). Just seeing those numbers written out makes me feel incredibly old.

When asked on the red carpet how she manages to wrangle them all onto the red carpet together, her response was adorable.

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"They wrangle me," she joked. "They're more together. Zahara's the most organized in the family."

"It's so wonderful to have them here. They're my friends."

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That's the sweetest thing I've heard all day. I don't know if I'd have it in me to be so kind after getting five teenagers dressed in nice clothes and taken to the red carpet.

Don't worry about Maddox, though — he made it out to the 'Maleficent' premiere in Tokyo a couple days after.

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He was joined by only one of his siblings this time, but Angelina and Zahara looked happy to be reunited with him.