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Sports Reporter Shuts Down Fans Telling Her To 'Take Them Out' In Satisfying Video

As great as it is to see people showing their passion for their favorite teams, it would be a lie to say that sports fans always find healthy ways to show their spirit.

We've heard unfortunate stories of fans ripping up their cities after a big championship stateside, but tensions can run about as high for European fans.

In fact, soccer riots have been known to break out throughout the world, and they can sometimes carry tragic consequences.

But fan activity doesn't have to go to that extreme to be worthy of rejection, nor does it necessarily need to have anything to do with the actual game.

And in the full video, we'll see just what that rejection looks like.

Diletta Leotta is an Italian TV personality who covers soccer games from the sidelines for DAZN Italia.

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As The New York Post reported, she also works for Radio 105 and earned a law degree at Rome's Luiss University.

But when she walked out onto the field at Stadio San Paolo in Naples, Italy, fans clearly had something else about her on their mind.

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Although it's likely hard to tell from the video even if you speak Italian, they reportedly yelled at her to take her breasts out.

They didn't word it so politely, either.

Not that any amount of politeness makes that sort of request okay outside of consensual bedroom shenanigans.

But whether you can make out what they were saying or not, it was clear that Leotta could.

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So as she walked about, she started wagging her finger at the crowd as if she was scolding school children.

And just in case that didn't make how she felt clear enough, she followed it up.

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Only this time, she put her thumb down repeatedly just to let them know what they wouldn't be seeing that day.

She did all of this without missing a beat or breaking her stride.

And you can watch it all here in the full video.

For some of you, it may prove as satisfying as it seemed to be for her when all was said and done.

For others, let this be a reminder of what's not okay to shout at women at a sporting event — or anywhere, really.