Mom Shares Hilarious Story About Cleaning Up Her Daughter's 'Poop-trophe' Off A Slide

One thing no one warned me about when I became a parent is how much I would start thinking about poop. What it looks like, what it smells like, the best ways to clean it up — seriously my Google search history has suddenly become poop-centric.

One mom shared her harrowing tale of a "poop-trope" on Facebook and at this point I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

When Brittany Berry went to the park with her kids, she had no idea that she was about the come face-to-face with an epic poop blow-out.

Unsplash | Aaron Burden

As Brittany watched her daughter, Sadie, playing she realized that Sadie needed a diaper change.

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Upon closer inspection, Brittany realized that this was no ordinary poop.

Giphy | PBS Digital Studios

In her words, it was a "poop-trope".

"I’m talking [one] of them poops you usually see in a newborn, where it’s all up then back and down their legs and you contemplate just throwing the whole baby away," she said in a Facebook post.

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Now, most moms are seasoned pros when it comes to these types of situations.

Unsplash | The Honest Company

But then it dawned on Brittany that she only had four wipes with her. She desperately started searching her van for more wipes.

"At this point, Sadie’s just standing there naked in an empty (thank God) the parking lot, with poop up her back in her hair, down her legs to her knees, even on her shoes, because taking her clothes off did not go as smoothly as one would hope," she said.

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Then came the sound Brittany definitely didn't want to hear.

Unsplash | Jelleke Vanooteghem

"Then I hear it.... that painful SQQQUUUEEEAAAKKKKK of skin getting stuck to a plastic slide on the way down. I look up and yes, of course, it’s Sadie. She’s going down the slide, butt naked, COVERED in poop, leaving a long skid mark of poop allllllll the way down on her way," she said.

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At this point, Brittany managed to get her kids buckled into the car, but she still had to deal with the slide.

Facebook | Brittany Nichole Berry

Not wanting to leave the slide covered in poop for some poor unsuspecting kids, Brittany drove home to get some cleaning supplies.

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Armed with Clorox wipes, Brittany set out to clean the slide.

Facebook | Brittany Nichole Berry

"Instead of risking a head injury I decide to go down feet first, on my stomach, holding on to the side to slow myself down with one hand and wiping with the other. This was not easy," she said.

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At some point, another family arrived at the park just as Brittany was finishing cleaning.

Facebook | Brittany Nichole Berry

"Anyway, now dying of embarrassment, I rush to throw away my wipes and get in the van. I look down and realize there’s poop all over my shirt. Of course, I went down feet first. My clothes got the bulk of the poop," she said.

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Brittany shared her story on Facebook with a few important reminders for parents or anyone contemplating becoming a parent.


"Always bring extra wipes, extra clothes, extra blankets, extra everything! Don’t clean out your car, ever. And if you aren’t mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared to roll around in another person’s feces... use a condom. You’re welcome!" she said.

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Brittany's post has been shared over 300,000 times on Facebook and many parents have chimed in with their messages of support.

Facebook | Brandi Maynard

Many agreed that this might be the poop blow-out to end all poop blow-outs. Thanks for sharing this, uh, wild story with us Britanny.

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