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Target Is Spreading So Much Christmas Cheer With This Life-Size Inflatable Buddy The Elf

Elf is seriously one of the best movies of all time. I know what you're saying. Easy there, Kanye. But no, I'm serious. I mean, I'm no Roger Ebert, but Roger Ebert did give it 3/4 stars (although, we know it should be 4).

Anyways, Target is selling a life-size Buddy the Elf inflatable lawn ornament, but I might just have to put it right in my house.

I'm going to just get right out there and say it. 'Elf' is one of the best films of ALL time.

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Yes, you heard me! Don't deny that deep down you feel the same.

It's hard to believe it's been over 15 years since the tale about a human elf finding his biological dad and spreading all the Christmas cheer touched our hearts.

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We all instantly fell in love with this flick, and it quickly became part of the quintessential Christmas movie lineup.

It's filled with the best quotes and one-liners, like when he calls himself a "cotton-headed ninnymuggins."

Or that super extra response he has to hearing that Santa is making a visit to Gimbles.

It's so wholesome.

Honestly, we all wish we had our very own Buddy the Elf.

He's just so happy and positive, and when the days get shorter and colder, we could definitely use a whole bunch of that!

Well, now you CAN own your very own Buddy the Elf bestie in giant inflatable lawn ornament form.


Guess who's selling it?

Why, Target obviously.

Target is super down to spread so much holiday cheer for the sweet price of $50.


This guy's 6-feet tall and features the moment Buddy screams, "SANTAAAA! I know him!" in Gimbles, AKA the best scene ever.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to fully deck your house out in only Buddy the Elf decorations.

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This Buddy the Elf wreath would go so perfectly with the inflatable lawn ornament.

So, if you're looking to smile a whole bunch and spread all the Christmas cheer throughout your neighborhood, this inflatable lawn ornament is for you.

Or keep it inside by your door to greet your guests! The world is your oyster.