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Felicity Huffman's Daughter Will Be Allowed To Retake Her SAT Exam

Felicity Huffman, star of Desperate Housewives and Transparent, was recently sentenced to fourteen days in prison and a $30, 000 fine for her involvement in the College Admissions Scandal, or Operation Varsity Blues.

Huffman pled guilty to paying $15,000 to get an SAT proctor to increase her daugher's score on the exam.

According to TMZ, Sophia still wants to go to college and will be allowed to retake the SATs if she desires.

So why is she allowed to retake the test?

The court found, and Huffman insisted, that Sophia was not involved in the fraud and was unaware that it had happened. Since she didn't take part in falsifying her score, she would be allowed by the College Board to take the exam again.

Huffman insisted that she didn't do what she did to get Sophia into a prestigious school.

She said she "just wanted to give her a shot at being considered for a program where her acting talent would be the deciding factor."

If Sophia does retake the SAT, she may have to deal with the publicity of this case affecting her odds of acceptance.

Some colleges may not want the public opinion of this trial and of Huffman associated with their school, but only time will tell.

h/t: Cosmopolitan