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Kids Can Sing 'Doo Doo Doo' In These 'Baby Shark' Shoe Shoe Shoes

By now, the "Baby Shark" song has just become a low-level hum constantly looping in my head. Just when I think it's done, my son replays the song and the whole cycle starts over.

Since I'm not going to escape the "Baby Shark" fad anytime soon, I may as well embrace it starting with the purchase of these shoes.

If you needed another item to add to your kid's "Baby Shark" collection, one Etsy seller has you covered.

Etsy | 818VinylCreations

818VinylCreations on Etsy has come out with a number of colorful shoe designs inspired by our favorite repetitive kids' song.

The shoes are available in Converse and Vans brands.

Etsy | 818VinylCreations

So your kid will definitely be on trend with these cool shoes.

Of course, they feature all the characters.

Etsy | 818VinylCreations

Baby Shark, Daddy Shark, Mommy Shark... heck, even Grandma and Grandpa Shark are there. I wonder if the Mommy Shark design comes in mommy sizes?

If you needed more proof that the "Baby Shark" trend isn't going anywhere, these shoes should be enough.

Etsy | 818VinylCreations

At this point, you may as well accept that Baby Shark is taking over our lives and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. At least these shoes are cute, right?

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