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Mom Posts Satisfying Response When 65,000 People Catch Her Son Misbehaving

Even if our parents would consider us good or even great kids while growing up, it would be unrealistic to say that we were always perfect little angels.

Being human means you're going to end up scarring or disappointing someone and since we spend a large part of our lives with our parents, they're the ones who are the most likely to experience this.

Fortunately, most of these disappointments are minor enough that they either become forgotten or funny stories later in life. Unfortunately, that can change a lot when our misbehavior is suddenly on public display.

But one British mom had the opportunity to turn potential embarrassment into a valuable lesson.

On Sunday, these four youths were caught outside of a cafe in West Kirby, England.

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As a post on the Crimewatch Wirral Facebook group detailed, they had reportedly thrown food and garbage on the floor of the cafe and the street outside.

Apparently, an employee than asked them to pick the trash up, at which point they gave "a load of mouth" and ran away.

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The anonymous person who confronted them then addressed their parents directly, saying "If these kids are yours then I hope you’re proud of them" and "have a word with them about respect and manners."

Normally, this comes off as venting frustration because there's rarely any reason to believe the parents will ever hear of posts like this.

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However, this was not the case for Stacey Robertson, who recognized one of the youths as her 14-year-old son, Louis.

In her response, she said, "Every time I look at this picture I cringe because this is not the lad I brought up."

Not only that, but she had a plan for how Louis could address his actions since he had the following day off from school.

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Robertson wrote that he "will be doing a day's litter picking come rain or shine. I will upload pictures of him and he will be apologizing to anyone he has upset."

She also said she could get in contact with the cafe staff and have him spend a day cleaning, washing dishes, sweeping floors, or whatever else they see fit with Robertson's supervision.

True to her word, Robertson would later upload photos of Louis with a scooper picking up trash near the Leasowe community center.

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As The Liverpool Echo reported, he would end up filling two black garbage bags with discarded drink containers, dog poop bags, and glass.

But although he was willing to make amends, Louis also said his actions were taken out of context.

He said that any trash thrown on the ground was an unthinking reaction to a dare his friends had put him up to.

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They had shared two orders of fries and he was dared to drink the vinegar from the bottom of one of the containers.

As his mom went on to explain, "Him being a div (slang for "dummy"), he did and his reaction was to throw the cone and the chips on the floor- he then told his friends he was going to the Post Office to buy a drink because all he could taste for vinegar, which is why he wasn't in the second picture."

h/t: The Liverpool Echo