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Costco's 3-Pound Tiramisu Bar Cake Is Back, And Sharing Is Not Self-Caring

Friends, I have a problem. I keep writing about new food releases, and it just makes me so sad because I want to eat it all!

Seriously, as I was gathering photos and information about Costco's Tiramisu Bar Cake, I was debating getting a Costco card just to buy it and eat it. All. To. My. Self.

Around this time, Costco releases a few famed items, but their Tiramisu Bar Cake really takes the...cake.

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It's almost a whopping 3 pounds and goes for $15.99, but that price tag isn't scaring anyone away.

Everyone on @costcobuys' post is absolutely raving about it.

Here's a photo of what the previous year's cake looked like.


Natalie over at Cotsco food blog Costcuisine gave this cake a 9.5/10 and said it's on par with tiramisu from the motherland, Italy, itself!

Sure, you could share the basically arm-length cake with friends and family, but why would you do that?

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This is strictly for solo date nights featuring myself, a fork, a Bath and Body Works candle, and a silly movie.

No promises there will be any leftovers, either.

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