Hillary Clinton Calls Trump A ‘Corrupt Human Tornado’ Amid Impeachment Probe

Former first lady and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee lady Hillary Clinton has taken to Twitter to troll Donald Trump as impeachment talks against the president continue to dominate the media, Newsweek reported.

On Monday morning, Clinton sent out a social media jab against the POTUS after he'd sent out 13 tweets in the span of just three hours, continuing his weekend-long efforts to defend himself against Democrats' upcoming impeachment inquiry.

On Sunday, one of Trump's tweeted rants concluded with a quote from Fox News host and contributor, Robert Jeffress.

The quote suggests that Trump's proposed impeachment will cause a "Civil War" to erupt throughout the country, though the president made sure to add his two-cents to the quote and write that he will never be removed from office.

The tweet and its claims have caused serious backlash with many lawmakers speaking out against Trump's supposedly imminent "civil war".

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger tweeted his outrage and wrote that he as seen the effects of civil wars in other nations, dubbing Trump's refrain of the claim "beyond repugnant."

The original tweet has now gone viral, inspiring the trending Twitter hashtags "#CivilWar2" and "CivilWarSignUp". While certainly humorous to some, others have pointed out Trump's sharing of this proposed event could encourage violence.

Amidst the controversy of the "civil war" claims, Hillary Clinton emerged on Twitter to offer her opinion of the man vying for a second term in office.

She simply wrote, "The president is a corrupt human tornado."

While Clinton has been no stranger to tweeting about Trump, this certainly appears to be her harshest, most to-the-point strike against him to date. In such few words, she manages to perfectly express exactly how she feels about him and his politics.

What's more, Clinton was quoting herself when she dubbed Trump a "corrupt human tornado."

According to CNN, she said all that and more during a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning host Jane Pauley.

She said Trump is an "illegitimate president" who poses a "direct threat, a clear and present danger to the institutions of our government, to the rule of law, to our standing in the world."

Of her 2016 election loss, Clinton said, "You know, Jane, it was like applying for a job and getting 66 million letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado."

Around this same time, Clinton responded to Democratic candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris on Twitter.

On Sunday, Harris tweeted in support to Clinton, writing that she "served our country with distinction and always put our country first ⁠— something Trump knows nothing about."

Harris wrote the tweet in response to a Washington Post article about the State Department intensifying their probe of Clinton's former aides

In her sassy, clearly sarcastic response, Clinton wrote, "But my emails. (Thank you.)"

h/t: Newsweek, CNN