Marvel's Elizabeth Olsen Gave Tom Holland's Spider-Man The Best Welcome Back

Yes, we're all very happy that Spider-Man has finally come home. I remember the day the news broke, the internet had a collective sigh of relief.

Maybe we'll finally get that great Spider-Man trilogy we've been longing for.

A couple of months ago (or maybe it was last month, time flies so quickly around here) we had to mourn the death of Spider-Man.


Or, at least, the loss of Spider-Man from the MCU. So yeah, pretty much the death of the web-slinger.

Not even the Green Goblin could've imagined a fate for Spidey so horrible.

But it's all good now...


Because Marvel and Sony made a deal that, in the end, benefitted the fans more than anyone.

And now, at long last, Spider-Man has come home.

For the second time, I guess.

And the internet rejoiced.

You could even say there was much rejoicing, if you're a Monty Python fan.

Seriously though, twitter went nuts over how happy they were. And why wouldn't they be? They were heartbroken when he was taken away.

But one response stood out above the others.

And that was from Scarlett Witch herself, Elizabeth Olsen.

She was heartbroken (sound familiar) when Spider-Man was taken away from the MCU, so she sent out this tweet when he was brought back.

My heart is broken now. It's just warm.