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'Clueless' Star Stacey Dash Arrested For Domestic Violence, Claims Self-Defense

Actress and political commentator Stacey Dash was arrested over the weekend, TMZ reports.

Dash is best known for her role as Dionne in the hit movie 'Clueless.'

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In more recent years, Dash rose to public attention for her conservative views as a Fox News contributor for "cultural analysis and commentary." Dash briefly ran for congress in 2018, but withdrew from the race after a month.

Dash was arrested over the weekend for alleged domestic violence.

Pasco County Sheriff's Office

TMZ reports that law enforcement was called to Dash's home at 7:45pm on September 29th to respond to a domestic dispute. They report that Dash allegedly pushed and slapped her husband, Jeffrey Marty, and that there were scratches on his arm when police arrived.

Dash's manager spoke to TMZ and said Dash acted in self-defense.

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Dash's manager claims that Marty attacked first, and that the marks on his arm were from Dash defending herself. They also claim that Dash is the one who called 911.

Dash's manager alleges that she was arrested because there were physical marks on her husband, but not on her.

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TMZ reports that Dash is currently being held on $500 bail.