Calm Down, We're Here To Explain The 'Preacher' Series Finale

Okay, everyone freaking calm down! We're here now, you can rest your weary minds.

We will explain to you the Preacher series finale in a way that everyone can understand.

Alright so a bunch of stuff is going on all at once.


But it pretty much boils down to this:

Humperdoo gets killed off, so God has to go to his son Jesus before Jesse can kill him, but Jesus is all like whatever man and so God flees.

Some time passes.


Jesse kills the Saint Of Killers, he finds the agents of the Grail that God, and uses the word of the lord to command them to find God.

Two years pass, Jesse and Tulip have settled down with their daughter and boom God is found.

He's in his trailer right outside of the Alamo.


How fitting.

Anyways, Jesse commands God not to go back to Heaven, God says nah and goes back only the find the Saint Of Killers waiting for him. The Saint kills God and takes God's throne in heaven.

Boom, 40 years later the world has changed.


Now Jesse and Tulip are dead, and Cassidy returns to their grave with their now grown-up daughter.

They say a bunch of stuff, the daughter gives Cassidy some closure, and then Cassidy steps out into the sun and burns up.

Here's the explanation: everybody dies.