Mark Hamill Dragged Ivanka Trump’s 'Star Wars' Tweet And Left No Survivors

Well, it seems as though Mark Hamill is once again making headlines for one of his brutal comebacks.

Man, he's good at clapping back. You'd think this guy made his career out of fighting big empires.

Mark Hamill: Actor of Screen and Voice, National Treasure.

Warner Bros.

Seriously, this guy has delighted us for how many years? Since the '80s?

Sure he was in Star Wars and junk, but try to think of the Joker without thinking about Mark Hamill's voice in Batman The Animated Series.

Speaking of 'Star Wars'...

There were some interesting tweets sent out in the last couple of days. First off, it seems that the Trump family is gearing up for Halloween.

Specifically, Ivanka Trump's (the President's daughter) family.

So after that tweet was sent out, obviously people had a lot to say.


Most of the comments sing to the tune of:

"Of course your kids go as someone from the Dark Side" (technically the Empire, the Dark side is for the force, but I don't want to spoil the fun).

However, one tweet stood out above them all.

And that was from Luke Skywalker himself, who sent out the below tweet in response.

Ooh! How scathing! Not only does he bring up the fraud, but he even uses #GoForceYourself.