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Dog Lover Keeps His Social Anxiety Out Of His Passion's Way With A Perfect Tattoo

Few things in life are as uniquely frustrating as when we find ourselves standing in our own way.

For some reason, there have been a lot of times in my life when I was utterly convinced that I would either hate something or that something terrible would happen if I did it. And yet, when I actually went, I would discover that I loved it and even forgot why I thought I wouldn't.

However, the unfortunate truth is that we can know we'll love something, but recognize that we'll still have to face our fears to enjoy it. And for one young man, that's a big part of the challenge he faces when he has the chance to meet new dogs.

Chase Grossman's job for a local park system puts him in a lot of close encounters with interesting animals.

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And as a wildlife rehabilitator, a big part of his job is ensuring that creatures like this magnificent owl are comfortable around him.

And while that doesn't appear to be a problem in general, he's especially comfortable around dogs.

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As he told The Dodo, he sees a lot of dogs pass through his park's trails on a daily basis and would love to pet all of them.

Unfortunately, that involves talking to their owners and it presents a challenge that can sometimes make Grossman anxious.

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He said that his 12-year-old rescue corgi, Lily, is friendly and outgoing enough to help bridge that gap, but he still wanted a way to meet dogs with as little awkwardness as possible when she wasn't around.

And so, he got the great idea to get a tattoo on his right arm to ask one important question for him.

Chase Grossman

As he told The Dodo, "It's a great conversation starter. I purposefully placed it on my right arm since it's my dominant and first to reach or wave with."

And while it's unclear how many more dogs he gets to pet as a result of this tattoo, it's made a good impression on their humans.

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As Grossman said, "People laugh and for a minute don't think it's real. There's a line between genius and dumb and this is a happy middle to me."

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