This 3-Foot Inflatable Skeleton Hello Kitty From Michaels Is Beyond Adorable

So, spooky season has arrived, and this means something very different to everyone. Some people really go all out for Halloween, transforming their front lawns into haunted houses or hanging the creepiest decor that might even make the mail person hesitant to walk up the steps.

For others, spooky can be made cute, and if this is more your style, then this inflatable Hello Kitty skeleton lawn ornament was made for you!

Hello Kitty is a global phenomenon.

Her expressionless face makes diverse ordinary items just super cute.

Both children and adults are captivated by her!

That's why during spooky season, she makes it anything BUT scary, even when she's decked out in a skeleton costume.


If you don't want to scare off your trick-or-treaters so that you don't eat the whole bowl of candy to yourself, this 3-foot Airblown Inflatable Halloween Skeleton Hello Kitty from Michaels is perfect for your front lawn.

It's just so adorable, and for $30, how can you say no?


Michaels always has 40% off coupons too, so you could potentially get it for cheaper if it qualifies!

People are already excited to get this Hello Kitty up and ready for Halloween.

If anything, this Hello Kitty will attract even more trick-or-treaters, so make sure you double or triple up on candy!