Adidas Boldly Features Pregnant And Breastfeeding Moms In Its New Campaign

In an effort to add more diversity to their campaigns, many companies are hiring real moms to fill in for the professional models we usually see.

These campaigns aren't just selling clothes — they are breaking barriers and highlighting important issues.

Adidas is just the latest company to feature inspiring women for their new collection and campaign called Now Is Her Time.


The line was a collaboration with Pharrell Williams and features women from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Besides including a diverse group of women to model the clothes, all of the items in the line are gender-neutral.

This means the clothes are inclusive of all gender identities and won't conform to any gender stereotypes.

One of the most talked about images from the ads features a mother breastfeeding her baby.


The mom in the photo is Isabela Rangel Grutman, the co-founder of Style Sayes.

The word "Creator" accompanies Isabela's photos for the ads.

In addition to the breastfeeding photo, there are also photos of pregnant women and other inspiring moms who have developed non-profits that help women.

Another mom featured in the campaign is Tyra Mitchell whose photo includes the word "Goddess".


Tyra is the co-founder of Art Mom Project, a digital community that shares and celebrates art about motherhood.

Since the ads have been spotted in stores, people are praising the company for shedding light on these issues.

Besides normalizing breastfeeding, the campaign also highlights other initiatives that seek to empower women.

Other photos in the campaign feature women who are fighting for gender, racial, and economic equality.

The images are beautiful and carry a powerful message. It's clear that the women in this campaign are out to revolutionize the world.

Moms who are currently breastfeeding felt seen by the campaign.

Any mom who has breastfed knows it's not glamorous, so seeing an ad from a major company celebrate this act can be empowering for moms.

This campaign is getting the word out about normalizing breastfeeding.

There has been a huge movement on social media to end the stigma against breastfeeding. These ads are drumming up a lot of praise online from those who want to normalize breastfeeding.

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