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'The Fast And The Furious' Director Rob Cohen Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations

The director of The Fast and the Furious Rob Cohen was recently accused of multiple instances of sexual assault. Cohen has now made a statement responding to these allegations.

Cohen was accused of two separate incidents.

One accusation detailed an alleged assault on a 28 year old woman in an NYC hotel room in 2015 after a meeting they had had to discuss a television pilot.

The other accusation came from Cohen's daughter, Valkyrie Weather.

Weather had accused her father of molestation and assault that occurred when she was a toddler, a report that Weather's mother corroborated. However, this initial complaint was made during the divorce of Weather's mother and Cohen, and was put aside by the court due to insufficient evidence. Cohen was awarded custody at that time.

Cohen's response statement addresses both of these concerns.

"I have never assaulted, raped, drugged or molested anyone. I have never belonged to any cigar club, and certainly was never there with 'Jane'," he stated, of the first accusation.

"This hateful campaign that my daughter is waging against me, and by her own admission only affirmed by her mother, is why this is happening to me."

"This is the same mother that the court has awarded sole custody to me over twice, even though I was a single father at the time. We all know family courts don’t award sole custody to a person who molests their children."

"My daughter wants to destroy me," Cohen's statement reads.

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"I hope and pray that the thousands of people who know me, worked with me, and/or are simply fair minded people will see that this is an untrue and unsubstantiated story, which is out there due to hateful daughter and a mother/ ex-wife."

Cohen ended his statement with a message for his daughter.

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"I still pray that my daughter can find peace and happiness, so she can release herself from this web of untruths and lies, and be able to live her life fully and hate free."

The full statement is available here.