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Groom Makes His Cat The Best Man At His Wedding

Making a wedding the happiest day of your life can be a daunting task. There's so much pressure for a wedding to be simply the best day, so one man sought to achieve this goal by adding a cat into the equation!

However, this was not just any cat, but his best friend.

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Yes, Aaron Benitez and his cat Prince Michael have been best friends for years, ever since Benitez adopted the adorable little Prince.

So, it only seemed right that Prince Michael should have a part in Benitez's wedding.

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Prince Michael wasn't just given any old role, but was actually granted the huge honor of being Benitez's best man!

And you should have his speech, I mean, me-wow! (Takes bow and catches rose bouquet thrown from studio audience)

This is not the only time that Benitez and Prince Michael have shared the spotlight.

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On the contrary, their friendship has been an internet sensation for some time now, as their YouTube page "Aaron's Animals" has over 2 million subscribers! Prince Michael himself has accrued quite the following online for — well, I mean, just look at that face for your answer!

Benitez frequently uploads videos of him and Prince Michael getting up to shenanigans.

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Speaking to People Magazine about his and Prince Michael's relationship, Benitez said:

"We really are best friends, on and off the screen. I know I can always count on Prince Michael to put a smile on my face when I'm down or be my wingman when I'm up".

Prince Michael even had a specially tailored suit for the occasion.

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According to Benitez, finding a wedding venue that would be able to accommodate Prince Michael was crucial!

"When we looked for venues, allowing cats was the main priority. When we picked a caterer, we made sure they could make salmon (Michael’s fave). And when we booked a DJ, we made sure he wouldn't play 'Who Let the Dogs Out.'"

The images of the adorable best man have since gone viral on social media.


Apparently the wedding guests were also very impressed with how Prince Michael performed in his duties as best man!

Prince Michael apparently did a lot to keeping people in the party mood!


According to Benitez, "[Prince Michael] actually did a ton throughout the day. Aside from strutting down the aisle, his biggest role was keeping the party going well into the night. As a groomsman, he kept everyone in the wedding party entertained and energetic."

With all of that partying, I bet he was feline rough the next day!

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Thankfully, Prince Michael is apparently an easy-going, and laid-back cat which made the whole day so much easier.

I can't imagine trying to do this with my girlfriend's cat, there'd be chaos everywhere.

Now that the wedding is over, the pair are back to work making videos.

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Prince Michael and Benitez have over 2 million fans on Facebook and seem to love sharing their friendship with the rest of the world!

Hopefully, we'll all be able to find someone who looks that snazzy in a suit to perform at our weddings!

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Benitez hopes that their videos will prove that, "cats can be man’s best friend too". I'm more of a dog person really, but I'll let this little guy off because he looks so damn smart in that tailcoat!

h/t: People