10+ Moments In 'Grey's Anatomy' That Didn't Age Well

Yes, we all love Grey's Anatomy, it's a national treasure that will live on in our hearts for all time, yadda yadda yadda.

Now let's get to the good stuff: where did they mess up?

When Alex Hit Deluca


What an awful moment. Here Alex was, developing a caring, understanding character when out of nowhere he goes all ape poop because some guy was looking at his bird.

Not cool Alex, not cool Grey's Anatomy writers. Just not cool in general.

When Meredith Pulls The Plug On Derek


Alright, Meredith has done some pretty extra stuff on this show, there's no doubt.

But when she pulls the plug on Derek without telling his family she's doing so... what the heck???

The Izzie/Denny Ghost Sex


Uh... Okay, what was this all about? Was Izzie going insane? Well, it seemed like it, because the two of them had post-mortem coitus and not the good kind.

Wait, forget I said that last part.

The Musical Episode


Honestly, what was this? Out of the freaking blue, as if they had nothing else to do that week, they pull this absolute crud.

Never again, you hear me?

When Cristina Was Denied The Harper Avery Award


Alright, so I can live with the fact that Cristina didn't get the Harper Avery Award because of the connections her hospital had with it.

But the fact that Meredith got that same award years later is totally lame.

Meredith and George’s Bad, Bad, Bad Sex


Oh god how this was cringy. So Derek chose his wife over her, I get it, it sucks. But not only did she play with George's emotions, but she also cried the whole time they had sex.

Cringy to the max.

When Izzie and George Hooked Up


Not only did the two of them have absolutely zero chemistry, but Georgy-boy was with Callie at the time, someone who was far more suited for him.

I dunno, maybe I'm just bitter.

The Plane Crash


At this point in the series (Season 8) it was like: "okay, what else could possibly happen to these characters?"

And then boom, plane crash. It was just too much, man.

When Arizona Cheated


This move infuriated fans because it seemed out of character for Arizona.

Also, we loved the Callie and Arizona relationship so much, we felt like we were being cheated on.

George's Death


Wha... Who... Where the heck did this come from?

He leaves the hospital, there's this bus crash, Meredith gets 007 written on her hand and... and he's dead? That's the send-off you're giving such a popular character?

The Addison/Derek/Meredith Love Triangle


So Addison is painted as this total butthole because she's in the middle of Meredith and Derek, but she's actually a really cool character!

Grey's Anatomy did not do her justice.

April's Storyline


They did not handle April's depression well at all.

Instead of taking it seriously, she just gets all sad and then is mean to everyone, snapping whenever she gets the chance.

Mark's Wiener Injury


This one hasn't aged well because of how silly it is.

Him and Lexie are getting it on and he gets seriously injured. Come on guys, that can't be your attempt at comedy.

April's Virginity


Why does everyone make fun of April for being a virgin?

Like, I know the show focuses a lot on sex, but isn't this supposed to be a hospital? Aren't you people supposed to be professionals?