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10+ Storylines From 'Glee' That Were The Worst

Oh yes, Glee fans! These are the storylines/performances/moments from the hit TV show that made you want to look away!

These are practically Office worthy, and The Office was meant to be cringy!

1. Their first performance.

Sure, it was their first time performing in front of the student body, and it was meant to be a little bit cringy, but in the words of a famous internet person:

"Deliberately cringy is still cringy".

2. The Dinosaur Themed Prom


What the heck? Who would have a Dinosaur themed prom?

Was this just so Brittany could perform Kesha's "Dinosaur"? Because if it is, it's a pretty weak way to do it.

3. Terri's Fake Pregnancy


Listen, we know that Terri isn't all that well-liked in the show. In fact, you could say she was the absolute worst.

And faking a pregnancy is probably the worst of the worst.

4. The Acafellas


Sorry Will, Ken Tanaka, Howard Bamboo, and Henri St. Pierre, we're here to see the New Directions sing. Not a bunch of middle-aged men.

If we wanted that, we'd go to a mid-week karaoke session.

5. Rachel's Crush On Will


Alright, if you don't think it's cringy, just switch the genders: a young boy has a crush on his high school teacher.

A common fantasy, yes. But cringy all the same.

6. Ryder Lynn leaving the Glee Club


So... what was this catfishing storyline all about?

One moment the guy is all about quitting the glee club, and in a couple of episodes, he's still there? Lame of them not to tie that one up.

7. Sue's Baby


This one was cringy because it came from out of nowhere. The baby was revealed to have down syndrome, and then they hardly ever talked about it ever again.

Still wondering who the celebrity father was, though.

8. Artie Playing Football


Alright, alright. alright. I'm not against people in wheelchairs playing football.

But to use him as a "human battering ram" seems a little insulting. Sure he got touchdowns, but... I dunno, just doesn't seem right.

9. Quinn As Lucy Caboosey


This one just doesn't make sense! If Quinn had so much trouble prior to high school, why would she be so mean to everyone else?

As revenge? It just seems lazy.

10. The school shooting scare


Especially in this day and age, this storyline seems a little too heavy to be tackled by a show like Glee.

Plus, those metal detectors they put in are never heard of again!

11. Kurt Making Out With Brittany


Pretty much any attempt to make Kurt seem straight was a bad move by the producers, but this one was by far the worst.

It was completely and totally awkward.

12. Blaine Getting Blinded By A Slushie


They couldn't have just given him a sickness.

They had to make a "slushie filled with rocks" blind the poor guy so bad he needed eye surgery. Yeesh, talk about too much.

13. Grilled Cheesus


Call it ridiculous, call it stupid, whatever you want to call it this storyline was above all cringy.

It a slap in the face to all Christians everywhere,

14. Mr. Schue In General


Yeah, I said it. He was cringe incarnate throughout the whole series.

He left his wife for a cute teacher, who he then broke up with cause she was a virgin. He hung out with teens while he was in his 30s. And his hip hop cover band.