10+ 'Haunting Of Hill House' Behind The Scenes Secrets Fans Didn't Know

Alright lovers of that ever so creepy show on Netflix, it's time to look at all the behind-the-scenes secrets from The Haunting Of Hill House!

Reader beware, this might get spooky!

The cast started seeing things


Filming a horror series for so long would make any person start to sleep with the lights on.

Apparently, Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Luke Crain as an adult) even started to see/hear ghostly things on his own time!

The genuine scares


So there's this scene where Nell jumps out of the back seat and spooks Theo and Shirley.

Apparently, she did so a half a page of dialogue before she was supposed to so they could get genuine reactions out of the actors.

Turning heads


In order to make it look like the heads of the statues were turning to watch the characters go by, people had to move the statues between takes.

What a weird world, movie making is!

The real house is apparently haunted


What better place to film a series about a haunted house than an actual haunted house?

The Bisham Manor, where the series is filmed, is apparently haunted by at least four or five ghosts.

At least that's what the owners say.

The series is based on a book

Of the same name, actually. It's a book by Shirley Jackson and one of the characters was named after her!

The series is not the only thing to be based off that book, either!

There is also a movie based on the book


The 1963 movie, The Haunting is also based on the book.

If you have never heard of it, you should probably watch it. Seriously, it's considered by many to be a horror classic!

One scene made the director cry


Warning! There are spoilers ahead!

When Mike Flanigan saw Nell realize the Bent-Neck Lady is her future self, apparently, that shook him to the core. He said: "it's about what it does to a character that we cannot help but to deeply empathize with".

The set designer hid faces everywhere


We actually wrote an article about all the hidden ghosts in The Haunting Of Hill House.

Apparently, the set designer hid all those faces so that someone was "always watching".

Elizabeth felt she was going crazy


Just like Oliver Jackson-Cohen, after filming this series for nine months Elizabeth Reaser felt a little crazed after doing the series.

Apparently, she was so spooked that she even felt unable to sleep.

Sure, the exterior is a real house...


But the interior is a functioning two-story set that was built on a soundstage in Atlanta.

They even had to build that beautiful spiral staircase! Good on you guys, set builders!

The actors had to perform 18-page scenes all in one take


Yeesh! That's a whole lot!

If we want to get specific, Season 1, episode 6 features a lot of these takes.

Which means, one screw up near the end could mean redoing that whole take! That's a lot of pressure!

Does Henry Thomas look familiar to you?


What if I told you in one movie he screamed: "We're flying E.T., we're flying"!

Or something along those lines.

Yes, Henry Thomas actually played Elliot in E.T.! Pretty neat, isn't it?

The Red Room was constantly changing


Don't worry, it's not your imagination, the Red Room was constantly changing.

Apparently, it was a set different from the actual one, and they would repaint it every now and again.



Ever notice how the Crains all woke up at 3:03 AM?

This is because, in urban legends, 3:03 is "The Witching Hour".

Huh, I always thought that was midnight. The more you know.