Police Called After Deer Breaks Into Home And Refuses To Get Out Of The Bathtub

Oh deer.

One Michigan family recently had a pretty surprising house guest when a wild deer broke into their home, NBC 25 News reported.

But rather than run around and buck the good China off the shelves, like you might expect, this fella simply found a comfy spot in the bathtub and then refused to leave.

Police are assuming that the deer was hit by a car and then crashed through a window in the home.

Unsplash | Scott Carroll

But rather than panic and wreck the house in a desperate pursuit to get out of it, the deer simply wandered around for awhile before settling inside the tub. And once it got in there, it had absolutely no intention of ever leaving again.

The homeowner even tried throwing the deer some lettuce to try and get it to leave, but it refused to budge.

After the police were called to the home, they discovered just how difficult it was going to be to get this deer out of its new tub-bed.

Fenton Police

For whatever reason, that porcelain bath checked all the right boxes for the deer and it refused to get out.

So, responding officers called the Michigan Department of Natural Resources who they hoped would have better luck ridding the home of its newly acquired house guest.

Thankfully, the wildlife officials were able to finally lure the deer out of the tub and out of the house.

It was reported to have sustained multiple cuts to its head and near its eye, presumably from the car crash since police say there was "minimal" damage done to the inside of the home.

Following its removal from the home, the deer was taken to a rehabilitation center.

Some reports claim the deer may have broken its leg, which certainly explains why it refused to stand up from the tub.

While exact details are a little fuzzy, one thing is for sure: those homeowners have a pretty incredible story to tell their friends.

h/t: NBC 25 News, WNEM

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