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Bride-To-Be's Sister Hilariously Disguises As Bush To Sneakily Snap The Engagement

Getting proposed to is such a special moment. Well, I don't know that personally, but I can totally tell it is based on people's reactions. Many proposals are often surprises, and many couples want to capture that special moment of surprise and emotion.

If it's a surprise, you have to be sneaky. And one bride-to-be's sister completely nailed that.

This is Therese Merkel, and she completely disguised herself as a bush to snap photos of her sister's proposal.

Twitter | @theresemerkel

In a text message released to POPSUGAR, her sister's now fiancé, Andrew, ordered this ghillie suit off Amazon in preparation for the big day.

The suit worked out too well.

Twitter | @theresemerkel

She told POPSUGAR, "Andrew knew I was hiding and wasn't even sure I was there when he walked down — that's how baller this suit was."

Clearly, her sister Rachel had no clue either! The most important part.

Therese was able to capture the proposal perfectly.

Twitter | @theresemerkel

"I revealed my organic-looking self by screaming 'SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES! Rachel was very confused," she said.

No doubt, this is an engagement everyone will remember for forever.

The now-viral Twitter post by Therese has garnered over 150K likes and over 21K retweets.

So many people replied to Therese's tweet saying they want to do the same thing, not only for proposals, but also for every day candid photo ops.

Such a cute story!