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Outrage Over Fake Photo Of Greta Thunberg Eating Lunch In Front Of Poor Kids

If you haven't heard of teen climate activist Greta Thunberg yet, you've either just returned from a lengthy trip to outer space where you had zero contact with Earth, or you've been spending some quality time under a particularly large rock.

Either way, you need to catch up because this girl is everywhere.

Unfortunately for her, with great publicity comes great scrutiny, even if you're just a kid out here trying to make a difference in the world.

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And people will go to just about any lengths possible to try and make you look bad.

The latest and possibly most outrageous attempt to spurn Thunberg comes in the form of a doctored Twitter picture.

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As reported by LADBible, the picture shows the teen enjoying a tasty looking lunch spread while traveling via train.

Meanwhile, just to her left, the carriage window shows a group of impoverished children.

Twitter | @BolsonaroSP

It would then appear that they're staring longingly at Thunberg as she happily digs in to her meal, oblivious to their suffering.

Looks ridiculous, right? Yeah, that's because it totally is.

The real photo, which was posted to Thunberg's Twitter account back in January, reveals she was indeed eating lunch on a train, but that train was speeding through Denmark.

You'll also notice there were definitely no poor children sitting miserably outside her window.

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Instead, we've got a forest. You'll also notice that the look of the forest actually matches the quality of the image taken of Thunberg.

Meanwhile, the children appeared in a lower resolution photo and it becomes more obvious the more you compare the fake photo with the real one.

I'm not sure how that stellar photoshop job could have fooled anyone, but somehow it still did.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, the politican son of Brazil's controversial president Jair Bolsonaro, shared the doctored picture to his own Twitter account this week, accompanying it with a quote from Thunberg's UN speech she made in New York just days earlier.

"'You stole my childhood' said the girl financed by George Soros' Open Society," he wrote.


This suggested she receives funding from Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, who has been accused of being a supposed influencer of international politics.

That belief is obviously shared by whoever mocked this picture up.

That's right, the train picture is not the only photoshop job made to tarnish Thunberg's image.

This time, someone superimposed Soros' head on Al Gore's body in this photo that Thunberg and the former vice president took together.

Reports have also shown that there is no evidence that Thunberg receives any funding from Soros' foundation.

Bolsonaro's post went viral and has been widely criticized, with people pointing out that the politician is spreading fake, hateful "news" in an attempt to blemish Thunberg's image.

"It's irresponsibility, in my understanding, without precedent," Brazilian Senator Eliziane Gama said of the photo. "It's lamentable, and I think the deputy needs to retract it, make an apology to the 16-year-old and to both the Brazilian and international society."

h/t: LADBible