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13+ Times People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At

Amy Pilkington 2 Oct 2019

There's so much out there in the world that there's no way any single person could see or know everything.

And that's fine. That's what the internet is for.

Here are a bunch of weird or interesting things people needed help to identify and the internet proved it knows everything.

1. "Please tell me what this is so I can get some sleep." —TelegramMeYourCorset

Reddit | TelegramMeYourCorset

This was found on the pullout bed at a hotel in the Philippines. Most people identified it as some sort of insect poop, which probably didn't help with the sleep issue.

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2. GoodShark kept seeing these empty structures along the Canadian highways.

Reddit | GoodShark

They have no walls and nothing stored underneath. They aren't for storage, though, but nesting structures for barn swallows to help the bird population bounce back.

There are shelves and nesting cups built into the underside of the roof, giving birds a safe place to nest.

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3. Sometimes you have a really good cup of coffee on vacation and want to know what kind of brewer was used.

Reddit | Prid

This may look like something from a mad scientist's lab, but it's actually just a siphon style brewing set-up. Heating up the water in the lower vessel forces it up into the top with the grounds.

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4. These strange glass ampules were found in Yankton, SD, near the site of an 1800s hotel.

Reddit | h0ldthech0ke

Inside the glass are small pill-like capsules containing a small slip of paper with a number on it.

These were likely used for some sort of lottery or even a draft, requiring a person to smash the glass to learn what number they received.

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5. This small golden block was found while metal detecting on a beach.

Reddit | lllomenlll

The inscription says "BLEU" which after a bunch of false leads finally led it to be identified as a metal embellishment likely from a beach cover-up by the clothing brand Bleu by Rod Beattie.

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6. "What is this thing attached to the side of this FJ Cruiser?" — polishskaterguy

Reddit | polishskaterguy

It's a mount to hold a camera rig when filming. It could be used in movie or TV shoots to record an actor driving, or a camera could be used when off-roading to film the terrain.

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7. This dusty old machine was just sitting in a school computer lab.

Reddit | condolencexx

It's an old chalk eraser cleaner, but the bag that collects the dust is missing.

I didn't realize these were a thing, because at my school, banging erasers during recess was a form of punishment.

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8. We've reached the era where things that used to be common knowledge aren't anymore.

Reddit | Bombug

A university student wondered what this thing on the toilet paper dispenser was, especially since smoking isn't allowed on campus.

But back when it was, this gave you a place to sit your cigarette while you did you business.

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9. Sometimes, you've just never come across something that others assume is common knowledge.

Reddit | ThatStickyIcky

ThatStickyIcky had no idea why their desk had a random piece of extra wood that slides in and out.

Thankfully, people were quite nice when they explained that it was just meant as an extra surface for working.

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10. "Several round wet spots on one wall with ooze in the middle." — jentrxm

Reddit | jentrxm

This may seem gross or scary, but it's actually just splattered lotion on the wall. Once that explanation was pointed out, jentrxm realized that it was likely coconut oil shaken off by the dog.

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11. This weird coil and wand are apparently an instrument of some sort.

Reddit | oeuffette

This example was found in India, but that detail just confused the issue. It's a Meinl Helix Bowl, which makes sounds by dragging the metal wand up and down the coils.

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12. Sometimes, you just wonder about common things in public spaces, like these circular plates found in a lot of restrooms.

Reddit | DaftRaft_42

Is it life-changing to know that it simply covers an access point to the waste line in the plumbing system? No, but now your curiosity is satisfied by knowing.

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13. "I saw it at an auction. You can slide the ridged part on the longer part. But I don't know what it does." — Froodychick

Reddit | Froodychick

This is pretty neat. It's a Victorian era pill roller. Medicine would be ground up and mixed with wax or syrup to make a squishy Play-Doh-like paste, then the paste would be rolled into a long sausage and pressed through the metal section, which cut the sausage into perfect, rounded pills.

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14. When moving into a new home, it's understandable to be wary of unknown devices attached to the internet hook-up points.

Reddit | josmaate

I've seen some cases where the device was malicious and meant to steal personal data. Thankfully, this one found by josmaate is just a cable splitter.

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15. This metal object was found in the washing machine after visitors did their laundry.

Reddit | idolatrous-organs

I've seen enough ear cleaning tools on Reddit that I assumed this was another one, but it's actually just a cuticle pusher from a manicure kit.

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16. "What are these plastic things on top of the fir saplings?" — Major_Hedgehog

Reddit | Major_Hedgehog

There are small buds under the plastic covers, which are called "Crown Buds". It's believed that by protecting those buds from animals and weather, the tree will grow straighter and make for better lumber.

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17. After cleaning the aluminum cover of an old air conditioner, obi-jawn-kenobi found white stuff on their fingers and weren't able to remove it.

Reddit | obi-jawn-kenobi

It's aluminum oxide, which comes off as a very fine power and can be a pain to clean off.

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18. "My wife found this on the beach in Bali." — mrh2727

Reddit | mrh2727

It's a sand dollar, which mrh2727 thought it might be, but they were confused by the holes that looked man-made.

But apparently that's perfectly normal for some sand dollars. Which is a neat thing to know.

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19. When moving into a new home in the Dominican Republic, this person found baby socks pinned near the ceiling in every room.

Reddit | givesyouhope

They are part of a ritual to ward off duendes, which are similar to gremlins. Small gifts are placed in the socks and in return, the duendes won't play pranks on the family.

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20. "What's this sticky yellowy stuff leaking from the side of my door? Every time we clean it it comes back."


This looks gross, but it's actually sap leaking out of the wood. The best way to battle it would be to scrub it clean and then cover the whole door with a shellac-based primer to seal it.

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