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Ashton Kutcher Reveals Why He Was Fired From 'Elizabethtown'

Ashton Kutcher is in a spicy mood.

While eating hot wings for the popular YouTube segment, Hot Ones the actor just revealed a whole list of surprising things.

From how he used to cut off bull testicles to how he inspired P. Diddy to run the NYC marathon, to even why he was fired from _Elizabethtown, the hot secrets are all here.

There's nothing like using some hot wings to get the truth out of someone!

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This was proven recently when Ashton Kutcher sat down with host Sean Evans for his popular YouTube segment, Hot Ones.

This led to all sorts of spicy questions, such as what Kutcher's childhood was like growing up on a ranch.

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The Ranch actor revealed some of the unpleasant parts of ranch life, such as cutting bull testicles...

"That's very unpleasant to watch," he said.

That wasn't the only manual labor job Kutcher did before he was famous.

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He did a lot of off jobs that you wouldn't expect, such as sweeping up Cheerio dust in a factory, washing dishes, and even skinning deer in a butcher shop.

Those jobs were a far cry from the fun job he eventually landed, which was as host of the popular show, "Punk'D."

The hit MTV show, which was centered around pranking celebs, may have been fun to make, but it required a lot of work in keeping the celebs comfortable.

"We never aired a single episode that a celebrity didn't sign a waiver to say, 'It's OK to air this," he said.

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Since celebs care a lot about their reputation, he often had to show celebs the full show in order to get their permission.

"There were many cases where I was like, 'Listen, I'll show you the final cut product — if you don't like it, if you don't think it's funny, we just won't air it.'"

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If a celeb was ever starting to catch on to a prank, the show had a few tricks up their sleeves.

"So usually if a mark caught on to what we were doing, we would hit the eject button and then keep the bit up and then try to bring somebody else into the scenario so we didn't lose the money."

There was another trick: they would keep the shenanigans going for so long that the celeb would think, "Okay, there's no way I'm being punked."

When pranks failed, the most it ever cost the show was $300,000!

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"I can't remember exactly, but I wanna say that there was a special effect that was supposed to go off," Ashton recalled.

"We couldn't get it to trigger, and there was no way to do it. So we had to just pull [the plug]."

Later, he revealed how he inspired P. Diddy to run the NYC marathon.

In case you didn't know, the two became fast friends while they both had hit shows on MTV.

One day, Diddy decided to join Kutcher on his 5K run.

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About halfway through the run, Diddy was getting so tired.

"We had paparazzi all around us at the time and he was like, 'You gotta slow down, but make it look like you're not slowing down because I don't wanna look like I'm not gonna be able to finish this thing,'" Kutcher recalled.

"He was so upset over the fact he got skunked on this run, that year he decided to run the New York Marathon."

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"He just can't lose, even when he's that close to humility, it becomes a driver."

Another major surprise from the interview is when Ashton revealed that he was fired from the film, "Elizabethtown."


He began by saying that the film's director, Cameron Crowe, originally wanted Orlando Bloom for the male lead, but Bloom had been unavailable.

“I went [to] audition, he cast me, and then we started working on it. I think he wanted to see the character rehearsals all the way," he said.

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“I probably wasn’t disciplined enough as an actor to get myself to a point where I was able to do that and show it to him in a way that he felt comfortable.”

“At a certain point we just kind of agreed that it wasn’t working out. More him than me."

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He continued: "But also, I found out at the same time that Orlando Bloom had just become available right when he was gonna let me go.”

Thankfully, Ashton has since bounced back from that upset, as evident by his successful career that lets him eat hot wings for free.

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Can you say #Winning?

Watch the rest of Ashton's interview below!