9+ Hacks That Make Travel Easy-Breezy

Traveling can be so much fun once you get to your destination. But getting there is half the battle. So today I want to share with you some awesome travel hacks that should make the journey a little bit easier.

From packing to saving money on prepared food to staying entertained on a long flight, I've got you covered.

1. Use ‘Private Browsing’ To Search For Cheaper Flights Online

Do this so airlines won't install cookies on your browser and show you higher prices next time you browse. Wow!

2. Scan Your Travel Documents

If anything ever goes wrong and you lose your passport or travel documents at least you'll have copies to help you out immediately.

3. Pack Strategically

Running out space in your suitcase? No worries, just use this simple folding technique to optimize all your space in your suitcase and travel like a pro.

4. Pack Dryer Sheets Between Your Clothes

That way everything will smell nice once you open your luggage up. No more old sock smell to deal with. Hee, hee.

5. Write 'Fragile' On You Luggage

That way it will be handled with more care, and another bonus is you'll also get it sooner than any regular bags. What an awesome tip.

6. Bring Disinfecting Wipes

So you can wipe everything around you like the seat rests, tray table and so on. You'll be glad you were prepared as germs are everywhere.

7. Store Liquids In Small Cases

No need to bring that bulky toner and cream if you can put some of it in these pill and contact lens cases.

8. Travel With Samples

There's no point of bringing all those big shampoo bottles and creams. Just stock up on travel samples throughout the year for when you travel.

9. Refill Your Water For Free At The Airport

Just bring your empty reusable water bottle and get a free refill at the airport instead of paying $3 for water.

10. Pack Your Own Lunch

Forget the expensive, sodium-packed meal offered on your flight. Just do your homework and make your own lunch ahead of time.

11. Snack Like A Pro

You can also pack yourself plenty of snacks if you use these nifty crafting boxes. Your next seat neighbor will be so jealous. LOL.

12. Bring Your Own Booze

If you absolutely need a drink onboard and don't want to pay the hefty price tag, bring travel-size booze bottles instead. Cheers!

13. Stay Entertained On A Long Flight

Can't see that TV screen that's too far away? No problem. Just put your phone in a ziplock bag and enjoy.

14. The Smart Way To Pack Rings

Instagram | @mauiburntginger

Small paint rollers make it easy to pack your rings and ensure they don't get lost in your bag.

Well, I always say I love being somewhere new but I don't enjoy the traveling part.

Now with these simple hacks, I hope the journey will be so much better.