Countdown The Only 12 Days Of Christmas That Matter With This Wine Glass Advent Calendar

It's time to deck those halls! And if you're wondering why I'm remarking that in the fall months, it's because companies are releasing their Christmas products already. So, don't sue ME.

However, most of us really aren't upset about it. Vinebox is the latest company to release a holiday product, and it's one that I'll need a few of.

Vinebox is know for their wine gift boxes complete with the most trendy, minimal, and stylish glasses of wine.


This holiday season, they're bringing back their 12 Nights of Wine advent calendar, complete with 12 glasses of wine to bring in all that good holiday cheer.

The advent calendar contains 12 different deliciously curated wines, perfect for the holiday season.


"Bold reds built for fireplace chats and wool blankets. Rich whites as refreshing as a mad dash through the snow," they say.

Well, say no more!

You have the choice between the Naughty and Nice boxes, which go for $129 a pop.


Or, you can choose both for $220, because everyone's a little naughty and nice, am I right? And also, now you can count down 24 days instead of 12.

The more, the merrier!

You can already preorder these advent calendars, and they'll ship on November 4.


Just try to wait for December 1 to crack the first one open. I dare you.

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