Ashton Kutcher Talked About When He Lost $300,000 On Episode Of 'Punk’d'

Woah! $300,000! I don't know if I've ever even seen that much money before! Ashton, baby, is there any chance you can Punk me with that much money?

Please? I'm broke!

So recently, Ashton Kutcher was on an episode of 'Hot Ones'.


And we learned a whole lot about his life on this episode, as we do on a lot of episodes of hot ones.

Mostly, we learn whether or not actors can handle spice.

First, he talked about 'Elizabethtown'


A movie he was supposed to star in, but eventually got fired from.

Apparently, there was this whole business with Orlando Bloom and Russel Crowe wanting Orlando but settling with Ashton, it all sounds very high schooly, to be honest.

Then, came the thing about 'Punk'd'.


We all remember Punk'd, that show where Ashton Kutcher would prank celebrities.

Anyways, apparently they blew $300,000 on an effect that never even went off. They even had to pull the episode because of it!

Here's the episode.

So check it out for yourself if you're an Ashton Kutcher fan.

Heck, even if you're not, check it out because it's an awesome show and Ashton Kutcher is an awesome guy.