13+ People Who Knew Exactly How To Use Their Heads

Sadly, the brain doesn't come with instructions. This means that our knowledge of how to care for it comes from a bunch of people who had to learn the hard way to put a helmet on it before they do something extreme.

But while some people could have definitely have used a warning not to mix alcohol, fire, and an impulsive spirit, others could have thrown those instructions away with earned confidence.

And what did those fantastic folks do to earn that confidence? Well, don't you worry, because you're about to find out.

1. Whoa, this person has reached such new heights in extreme radness that they've ascended beyond the need for skateboards.

Twitter | @scixpmas

"So what are you telling me, Tyler? That I can grind rails?"

"No, Chad. I'm telling you that when you're ready, you won't have to."

2. It may not seem like a lot of smart ideas happened here, but the important part is that this is how this apartment shows up on the listings.

Reddit | Jugeezy

Whoever lives here managed to get this cryptic warning out before anyone else walks into this nightmare.

Truly heroic.

3. Haha, it's not often I see someone turn, "OK, but you have to promise you won't be mad," into an actual store policy.

Reddit | mindmerciful

And I guess there were times where I've known that movie theater prices would be crazy and still got a large popcorn.

Fair enough.

4. Yeah, these people are just lucky there aren't many Vikings running around, or they'd really be setting them up for disappointment.

Reddit | TACPnessSevenZero

And something tells me the kind of people who solved their problems by burning and stabbing things aren't the ones you want to disappoint.

5. And they probably laughed at whoever thought of this when they said you could do a buy one get one free deal anywhere.

Instagram | @cunform

But who's got the corner office with the much smaller office next door for their dog now? Hopefully, that same visionary.

6. What a complex web of mind games this cop is weaving.

Reddit | Cloxds

He's obviously a cop if he wears that shirt, but a cop would know it's obvious and wouldn't wear it, so he can't be one, but he actually was one all along!

He's using our overthinking against us!

7. I'm not sure what this has to do with history, but I still think the teacher might be onto something here.

Reddit | nsfegg

After all, if you start your class by dodging a golf ball, you're definitely gonna remember everything in the lecture.

Unless it hits you, of course.

8. It's pretty much impossible not to feel flattered when your reaction is so priceless that you actually become art.

Reddit | marcusbrothers

I can't speak for this man, but this would probably be the hardest cleanup I ever had to do if this was my job.

Imagine erasing your legacy.

9. Archaeology is gonna get a lot harder in the future. You run into trouble when your ancient civilizations get too self-aware. 

Reddit | HoraceHorseHands

It'll be standard procedure to look for diaries that say, "LOL, I'm gonna make some nerds think I had a 100-year empire. They'll totally freak out."

10. OK, yes, some purist will say this isn't accurate to the costume, but just think of the budget here.

Reddit | ke-chi

I have no idea how much the other guy's spear thing cost, but I know for a fact that Ramen-sword here set this dude back like $15.

11. I've been wearing glasses for seven years, but the fact that I've never done this tells me I obviously haven't been thinking big enough with them.

Reddit | misterskeletor

If I wasn't so sure my clumsy self would drop my specs, I'd make animal heads shrink all day.

12. I can actually see this working as an anti-theft device whether the would-be criminal is a huge nerd or not.

Reddit | Igor_W

If they're not, they'll probably waste valuable time trying to figure out what this is. If they are, they'll worry about activating the driver's trap cards.

13. I hope this dad has figured his strategy out, because it would get pretty humiliating if he lost to one of these babies.

Reddit | johnsbuffalo

Especially since it usually takes until age 10 before you realize that starting a land war in Asia is a bad idea.

14. It's kinda hard to tell who's holding that fork for her, but the important thing here is that she has a system.

Reddit | Noodle__Boi

Apparently, she also has nice friends if one of them is cool with sitting motionless in this awkward position to keep her hands free.

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