16 People Who Serve Up Savagery Like It's The Main Course

March 12, 2018

I've never been skilled when it comes to being savage. I guess for some, it runs in their blood. Maybe I should take notes, but the rest of you can laugh and compare yours. These people know how to hit 'em where it hurts.

1. This won't end well

Reddit | Reddit

It's true that we have difficulty deciding where and what to eat. However, this guy is playing with fire. I wonder if he ever got to eat his pizza, or if he ended up on the couch.

2. Sometimes that's necessary 

Reddit | awalme

I don't think I know anyone who hasn't had to cut someone out of their lives. This mom took the concept so literally that she deserves a medal. At least she looks nice in the picture.

3. Oooh

Reddit | MrMegaGamerz

We all know a teacher like this. I remember having a couple assignments treated in a similar fashion. That's fine, but the least you can do is recycle. You can kill souls, but leave the trees alone. Like, really!

4. Business has to boom somehow

Reddit | 55togo

I have to commend their smart business ethics. I wish I was that smart in the lemonade business. Everyone needs a cheat day eventually, right? They probably sabotaged a few goals while making a killing.

5. Do we have to wait for a special day?

Reddit | AppleGeniusBar

Seriously. Drivers make me so nervous to go out, and I only ever use the sidewalk. Signs will save no one.

6. That's gotta hurt

Imgur | Deadlyspinner

I bet this stunt got him the silent treatment for a little while. Not that he would have minded. His attention to detail is certainly more amusing.

7. She's not wrong

Imgur | happinessconsultant

I don't know why people feel like it's okay to say that. If I were her, I would hope to never see that guy again. Nice finish.

8. I felt the sting

Instagram | @hopleasejesus

That parking guy obviously failed something somewhere along the line. He was probably just feeling sour about it. I wonder how things turned out after that?

9. Well, that's one way to get things done

Imgur | RecyclopsWillHaveHisRevenge

I sort of wish I could pull something like that off. I don't even remember the last time I got a free load of laundry washed.

10. As if we needed another reason to love Pizza Hut 

Imgur | EnglishSod

They have yet to burn my pizza, but they sure did deliver a nice one to Kanye. I hope he saw!

11. A kid after my own heart

Twitter | @XplodingUnicorn

It wouldn't be that bad. Just consider it a permanent camping situation. In my experience, kittens are more tolerable than dads ever will be.

12. Actually, parking anywhere

Instagram | @hopleasejesus

I'm cringing at the damage that will no doubt happen to all three cars. This picture makes me so relieved that I don't drive. How do they pass?

13. Where was this when I needed it?

Instagram | @nickypoo40

This looks like my confidence when I was answering multiple choice questions. There is truth and falsehood in everything, and this kid already knows it.

14. I wonder how many people fell for it?

Twitter | @JustBasicDave

I'm not going to lie, I would probably be among them if I was desperate enough. It would be funny to watch.

15. Sometimes that's all we can hope for

Imgur | yakmo

They didn't say that Jack was horrible, but I guess "adequate" would sting a little bit. He will feel good about it eventually.

16. In case you want to save some money

Instagram | @hopleasejesus

I've never really gotten today's makeup trends. I wonder how much Jeffree Star got away with charging for that thing? Pencils are cheaper!

17. Uh oh, looks like people weren't as impressed as this guy was hoping.

Reddit | LuiSpot

I guess his unfortunate sacrifice teaches us that the next time we flex, we should pull our sleeves up.

Also, our shoes probably shouldn't be in the shot either because the next comment would be "what are those" no matter what we're wearing.

18. Sometimes, the most savage things we end up saying are complete accidents.

Reddit | spacesuitmoose

This sign is likely trying to say they're hiring "closers," but that pole is making the message hit a little too close to home.

Yeah, like you're so great, sign...

19. All I'm saying is that you wouldn't catch Siri being this disrespectful.

Reddit | darby-dev

I'm not sure how an Apple Watch would know how healthy or sensitive its wearer is, but I think we've solved the mystery as to why people weren't rushing out to buy these.

20. I love how Milly here was so savage to this ice cream shop that someone else felt the need to comfort them.

Reddit | Cwlcymro

Although Mark may be right that they should forget what Milly said because some places can get pretty intense when even one person leaves a bad review.

21. You may call this a coincidence. I call it a warning for when this kid is old enough to talk.

Reddit | AidenTheGamer14

I don't know what this baby's first words are going to be, but I know they'll completely destroy whoever they're launched at.

22. Man, I don't know what we did to this restaurant to deserve this kind of savagery.

Reddit | silverturtle14

Oh yeah? Well, the joke's on this fortune cookie because there is no "she" in my life to fake anything!

Totally unrelated, but I'm sad now.

23. I'm not sure the countdown was really necessary, but whatever.

Reddit | RoboticRhino21

I'm just wondering how long this kid will keep this up because if his mom wasn't dreading her birthday before, she'll probably start now.

24. This kid came for a whole community with this YouTuber apology costume.

Reddit | Droyk

There's a lot to love about it, but the most savage detail has to be all those ad breaks he's got in this totally sincere and not at all opportunistic apology.