16 Crappy Things That Prove We'll Buy Anything

It's a rule that whenever a brand becomes world-famous, a thousand other brands will pop up trying to capitalize on similarity, or straight-up pirating a look.

The social capital of a good brand isn't there, but the quality is...okay, the quality isn't there either.

They keep making it though, because we keep buying it — and here are 16 pictures that prove it.

1. Interestingly, "Be the first one home and win" is also how I handle going out to clubs. 

Reddit | ratsakle

I've discovered a massive cheat in the system by just staying home and not going in the first place. I might go out into the safety zone, though — and by "safety zone," I mean my driveway.

2. I was a little hesitant about picking this up, but the name Sqonyy is synonymous with quality.

Reddit | Dragonlord0604

And seeing how it had the registered trademark symbol I figured that it was a safe bet.

Boy, I was not wrong. These are the best monochrome 1985-era graphics I have ever seen.

3. They never tell you about what happens after the end of the game. 

Reddit | zhanardi

Mario, having defeated Bowser, took on a number of sponsorships in order to keep some money flowing into the devastated Mushroom Kingdom.

Unfortunately, this led to a number of questionable partnership decisions that diluted his brand and were a direct cause of his ill-advised mumble rap album.

4. This actually provides excellent advice.

Reddit | Orange-Crocs

Unless you are trying to run your own factory farm using only your own family members or you're trying to grow your own private mercenary force, you really only need like, 12, at the outside most.

5. Sometimes when we say "crappy," what we really mean is awesome.

Reddit | Oxymahogany

"Now watch, with just a few strokes I can send that gibbering demon straight back to Hell where it belongs. I'm going to send that other one back to catch up with him, too, because everybody needs a friend."

6. Retailers were quick to jump on the season's hottest look, the post-apocalyptic desert-wanderer look, despite concerns about people being able to see whatever was in your pockets. 

Reddit | chrzzi

They're less jeans than they are the idea of jeans.

7. I respect OBM as a sober, serious company who would absolutely engage in rigorous research during the toy design phase, but I don't remember any part of Star Wars where a dude turned into that.

Reddit | KubaWaszka

8. I remember when I was Silver. Felt like those times would last forever. Now I'm approaching Space Grey and I don't even know what to think anymore.

Reddit | jacokrin

Fun Fact: The iPhone XA is actually just a paper notepad with a pear on the cover.

9. The backwards evolutionary path that Nintendo went down was very strange, but it still made sense when Game Embryo was released and it was just one of those ball-and-cup games. 

Reddit | Collector55

10. You know, Alfred, I've never considered it before, but you're right — from this angle Batman totally looks like a duck.

Reddit | cbdhalkyard

"Master Wayne was never the most stable person, but now it looks like he's quacking up."

11. Oh no, we're running out of space on the racks! Quick, toss everything we haven't ripped off together and stick it on the same pack!

Reddit | indosie

I may not be an expert on political stuff, but I'm pretty sure that if Obama was secretly Sonic The Hedgehog and he ran with Harry Potter, there wouldn't be an office on Earth he couldn't win.

12. When deep down you know that there's a full range of frequencies out there, but bass is life.

Reddit | cnrduffy

Tweeter? No, there's no social media on this speaker, sorry. Don't you have a phone?

13. Oh yeah, I knew that green guy.  Hell of a fella. Incredible, even. Would look you in the eye while he shook your hand, quite a grip. Never did wear a shirt though.

Reddit | DrLeee

Spoiler Alert: Raven Girl dies at the end of Endless Tussle.

14. Honestly though, even looking at this staircase on my screen makes me feel like I'm about to take a very painful fall.

Reddit | Brutt56

Unethical Life Protip: Put this carpeting in the lobby of a bar with cheap drinks and then take bets on who'll be the first one to take a spill.

15. JK Rowling's early drafts of the series ran into serious problems when she realized that it made no sense that everyone at Hogwarts was incapable of realizing that the serious, bespectacled student was also the serious, bespectacled wizard pop star. 

Reddit | AndiCZk

16. I haven't gotten a chance to see Infinity War yet, but it seems that there have been some serious changes to the lineup when I wasn't paying attention. 

Reddit | LevelVS

Honestly, if this is how it's going to be, maybe I'll let Thanos whisk me out of existence after all.

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