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This Farm Offers Yoga With Fluffy Alpacas And We're Ready To Find Our Inner Peace

I'll be the first to admit that the whole yoga thing is just so beyond my capabilities. I know there are beginner classes and I'm sure there are more amateur forms of yoga that would better suit my particular skill set (or lack thereof), but I've just never bought into the trend.

And that's okay. Not everyone is meant to salute the sun or face downward in dog-like fashion. Some of us are just better suited forgoing the yoga trend and keeping our limbs stiff and inflexible.

That being said, if you throw some fluffy, adorable alpacas into the mix, I may change my mind.

Believe it or not, there's a farm in England that offers that exact bizarre combination of things.

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According to Insider, the Rosebud Alpacas farm offers guests the chance to perfect their yoga skills in a field filled with their free-range livestock who are just so curious to see what these strange humans are all doing on the ground.

According to owners Nick and Lucy Aylett, the farm is meant to be a means of escape for yoga enthusiasts.

Facebook | Rosebud Alpacas

They said they want it to be a place for people to unwind from their hectic lives and connect with both the land and each other. Oh, and also alpacas because they're there, too.

"I just know from being around alpacas that their calming presence reduces stress," Lucy told Country Living. "They like you to be calm around them so naturally, you drop your energy levels and relax."

The farm uses ethical practices and lets its fluffy residents roam to their hearts' desire, even during the yoga sessions.

Facebook | Rosebud Alpacas

So while you're trying to get your lotus pose just right, you may find yourself coming face to face with a curious friend. In fact, it's almost a guarantee.

"The alpacas choose where they want to be and they usually find the humans just as fascinating," Lucy said.

If yoga's not your thing but you still want to rub shoulders with these adorable alpacas, the farm has got you covered.

Facebook | Rosebud Alpacas

According to its website, they offer a multitude of fun activities, including alpaca walks, alpaca picnics, and alpaca art sessions. You can also purchase a special "alpaca connection package," complete with guided meditation and a mindful observation of the adorable animals.

For more information about Rosebud Alpacas farm, visit their website or their official Facebook page.

h/t: Insider, Country Living

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