13 Adorable Things You Can DIY For Your Garden

Spring is here, and along with that comes rain showers and fresh, beautiful blooms. Especially after a long, freezing winter season, I couldn't be more thrilled for spring, a splash of sunshine, and a bed of fresh flowers.

Gardening is a peaceful and rewarding pastime, but as anyone who has ever looked into it will vouch for me, it can be expensive. Some of the decor sold in stores is so, so overpriced — which is just one of several reasons to DIY. You don't have to be a gardening guru or a crafting creative in order to make some adorable and affordable additions to any garden. Trust me!

1. These bottle cap blooms are a great craft and an acceptable excuse to double up on soda (or beer). 

Suburbia Unwrapped | Suburbia Unwrapped

You can make these with some Mod Podge, hot glue, wooden sticks, and outdoor paint. Oh, and bottle caps, of course!

2. A framed flower pot will take any garden to the next level. 

Organized Clutter | Organized Clutter

Ok, turns out this is a lot easier than it looks.

Start with hooking a wire onto the hanging flower pot: Drill a hole in the top of the frame and thread the wire through. Then, attach it to the pot. Finally, hang it on a tough tree branch or from something else sturdy in the garden.

3. Transform a terra-cotta planter into a beautiful bird feeder!

The Chirping Moms | The Chirping Moms

This one is super simple, you guys. Paint two different sized planters and coordinating saucers. You can either do different colors or go with a single, solid hue. Then, superglue together and wait for the birdies to come!

4. A hanging herb garden saves space and doubles as darling decor. 

Home Remedies RX | Home Remedies RX

Paint the mason jars. Plant a different herb in each one. Then, secure them onto a plank of wood along with a sign labeling which herb they are, and done! Find all the details on Home Remedies RX!

5. Create a garden spiral with a ton of stones.

Oh My Creative | Oh My Creative

You only need two things to make the spiral: dirt and stones. Then, plant vegetables, flowers, or something else and wait for them to blossom! Learn lots more at Oh My Creative!

6. Children can help make these painted garden ladybugs!

Art Drops | Art Drops

You can also make bumblebees or any other bug, too! You can paint the base with outdoor spray paint and then paint on the details with a small brush!

Super cute, right?

7. This colorful chandelier planter is sure to be the center of attention!

DIY Show Off | DIY Show Off

This one is probably the most hands-on DIY, but it is still do-able! Replace candles with terracotta planters, spray paint the entire chandelier in the color of your choice, and plant flowers in each pot!

8. Create a portable planter with a kitchen rack and utensils!

Tumblr | coffeelovinmom

All you need to do is drill it into a wall, or into a fence, and fill each ladle with some gravel and one or two cacti and succulents. So unexpected and fun!

9. How has no one thought of a pitchfork planter before?

Olive Bites | Olive Bites

Finally, a use for those old garden tools that we keep in the shed, but never actually use.

Nail the metal planter onto the wooden garden tool of your choice and plant somewhere in the garden!

10. Paint old, rusted metal planters in vibrant spring colors!

Dos Family | Dos Family

This one is no assembly required, but no doubt, a pop of color will be sure to draw the eye!

11. These painted sea turtles are guaranteed to give a garden a more ~aquatic~ feel. 

Crafty Morning | Crafty Morning

Grab the family and make a few sea turtles with outdoor paint! Afterward, just place on a bed of grave. This is such a quick and easy addition that makes a huge difference.

12. Paint some stepping stones in a snap!

Hometalk | Hometalk

You don't have to do a rustic brick pattern like these, but it does give the stones a fun edge, doesn't it?

13. Craft the ultimate bird bath with terra-cotta planters. 

Home Stories A to Z | Home Stories A to Z

Paint five or six planters a bright shade of blue. Drill holes in the bottom of each pot (if there aren't already holes to work with), plant a solid two-foot pole in the bottom pot, and stack the remaining pots on top! Seriously, it looks super difficult but after the holes are drilled, this is a no-brainer!