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Adorable Rat Goes Viral For His Delightful Artwork Painted With His Feet

As an artist, I often bristle at people who comment that "their kid could paint that". Do I sometimes raise an eyebrow at the prices some abstract paintings sell for? Yep. But even those paint spatters probably have years of practice and color theory behind them.

Of course, Darius the Rat doesn't have those years of experience, but rather a natural talent.

Darius went viral this week after someone discovered a post owner Amalie Markota Andersen had shared of his artwork.

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This is actually the second time his work has gone viral, as the pics in the tweet were from a Tumblr post Amalie shared in January 2018.

That post got more than 90,000 notes when it was first shared.

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And Darius even received a few commissions for his work!

Amalie told INSIDER:

"Darius going viral was very exciting, I was so happy people liked him. It is what he deserved!"

An art student, Amalie decided to do a little experiment with Darius and a set of non-toxic watercolor paints.

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This doesn't surprise me. Most artists look at something and wonder at least once if they can make art with it. Pets are no exception.

She dipped his feet into a couple colors and set him on the table, where paper was taped down.

In the realm of watercolor abstracts, it's actually pretty nice to look at.

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After the first post took off, Amalie and Darius completed three or four commissions for his admirers.

She used the money to buy him a harness so that he could safely explore outside.

Sadly, Darius passed away in early 2019.

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Amalie said that she's sad that she never kept any of his originals, but she's glad they're still out there and that people are appreciating him again now.

"I had him in a weird time of my life where I was trying to figure out who I was as a person, and also where I should be going in life. He was my light in the darkness if you will. And I'll be forever infinitely thankful for him, even if he never knew what kind of impact he had. Not only on me but the thousands of people who fell in love with him and his little painting."


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