24 Times Snapchat Gave Us More Entertainment Than We Bargained For

Snapchat has evolved drastically over the past year or so. No more is the app used only for making hilariously gross faces to your friends, and for receiving unsolicited pictures of male body parts!

It's now a world full of filters, face swaps, emojis, and what some proclaim to be "art."

In some cases, we get some high-class entertainment, like these snaps!

1. A face swap from hell.

Reddit | ocimaus

I never want to see a dog with human teeth again.

The day Snapchat started to recognize the faces of our pets was a scary day.

2. When boredom finds you during a flight, turn to your creativity, and Snapchat away.

Instagram | @himalayanschoolies

And when in doubt, there is a handy encyclopedia of emojis at our fingertips!

What more do you need?

3. When Mom ruins the party.

Me.me | Me.me

Oh Snapchat, the place where we all try to look our coolest to our 37 friends/followers.

But when someone takes your phone and snaps for you, it's a whole different ballgame.

4. When this kid almost got caught...

Twitter | @gezegeldim

Wait a second, what's a kid doing on Snapchat anyways?

This is not a place for young minds, it's more for bored young adults, jeez.

5. When playing with filters goes very, very wrong.

Twitter | @DaOBeeZY

Nothing worse than learning about a ghost in your house due to Snapchat.

That's one way to keep the millennials off social media!

6. When the stars of our snaps have no idea what's going on.

Reddit | 888andtheHeartbreaks

Anyone we get our iPhone cameras on may fall victim to a winning snap.

Who knows, maybe we've all been there at some point in our lives.

7. Sometimes we need to keep ourselves entertained.

Twitter | @inimanini

Along with those lucky enough to be a recipient of some entertaining stories, featuring the dancing hotdog man.

I suppose this what entertainment has come to...

8. Surprise!

Twitter | @AlecPloof

There are times the snap becomes so entertaining that we need to spread it across multiple social media platforms!

Because more eyes really needed to see this bear in a graduation cap...and stethoscope.

9. Snapchat is the perfect place to troll friends without making it too permanent.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Because some things are simply not appropriate for Facebook.

Now we just hope we don't see that someone took a screenshot, LOL.

10. When it gets...slightly creepy.

Instagram | @kalesalad

The amount of strangers that get snapped daily is up there. Imagine one of those strangers FINDING YOU?!

Personally, I wouldn't want to be caught in the act.

11. When you capture the perfect moment.

Imgur | Imgur

Sometimes you pull your phone out at the perfect time and capture pure gold!

And of course, top it all off with the perfect caption.

12. The app can have a mind of its own.

Instagram | @taranicholcorkery

And results in giving us too much entertainment for our own good!

It's almost hard to picture a world without it. How scary is that?

13. It's still useful for when we need to send our friends a laugh.

Imgur | IsThatWhatYouWanted

Because this kind of stuff is for the eyes of close friends only.

To be seen one time for three seconds.

14. And to express our deepest, darkest thoughts.

Reddit | Jjellyhead

In today's meme culture, everything has a subtext that our bestie will appreciate more than anyone else.

So snap away and enjoy the laughs!

15. Sometimes we get an idea, and no other app would suffice.

Imgur | allaboutthatkase

We can even make art whenever we feel the need to enhance our already incredible snaps! For the true artist in you.

16. It comes in handy when viewing real art, as well!

Imgur | SirDigbyChickenCaesarJr

So maybe this emoji alteration is slightly tacky, but how could you resist?!

We need this platform to take life a little less seriously, and have fun with everyday situations!

17. Always nice to take a second look at the day's outfit.

Reddit | [deleted]

Well, maybe it's time to pull a Regina George and just rock whatever fate has done to your style.

18. I guess history really does repeat itself!

Tumblr | tisbaylee

Honestly, though, if you see an excerpt like this, how could you not take advantage of the situation?

"Thou had best move, thou had best dance."

19. When parents get a hold of the app, they can be savage. 

Tumblr | tearingwings

Like, gee, thanks, Mom. I love you too. Just don't come around here complaining about not having grandchildren!

20. It's great for when you can't quite find the perfect words to say.

Tumblr | mannah-hontana

Because, you know, poetry can come from anywhere, right? I think anyone could appreciate this loving sentiment.

21. When you're going through that existential crisis, you don't have to go at it alone.

Imgur | IsThatWhatYouWanted

We all get our minds blown from time to time. Might as well share our insight!

22. That is the look of instant regret right there.

Reddit | Foxprowl

It's good to have goals and everything, but carbo-loading at the end of the shift isn't the kind of fulfilment you really need.

23. It's a great way to share your new hobby! 

Tumblr | tastefullyoffensive

Even if, you know, not everyone completely appreciates your art. You gotta hand it to the guy, that's actually pretty realistic!

24. And lastly, when we capture those unexpected, potentially embarrassing moments!

Imgur | Jonjonnotaleprechaun

So a cop saw you voguing, big deal. We all live for those awkward moments in life, so this is gold!

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