24 Food Fails That Need To Be Served To The Trash

I am the first to admit that I'm a bad cook. But here's the thing: I'll let you know before I try to feed you. And if it goes as badly as I always think it will in my head? I'll throw it out. I'm a good person.

Sadly, some chefs these days don't play by the same rules.

1. If this person is a trained chef, then I am on Gordon Ramsay's level of cooking perfection

Reddit | Reddit

No one wants drama in their kitchen, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that wasn't the reason they were let go.

2. I've seen a lot of things passed off as "pizzas" out there on the internet, but I think these have to be the worst.

Reddit | Olympus017

This is worse than any other college creation that I have laid my sad, hangry eyes on.

3. As a fine creator of charcuterie boards, this is offensive.

Reddit | sex_is_on_fire

It is nothing short of a disappointment to anyone who likes to dine on meats and cheeses. Where is the creativity? The over-the-top presentation? This is not a charcuterie, no. This is a fail.

4. This disgusting excuse for a pizza.

Reddit | LadyCoccinella

And that might sound a little harsh, but can you blame me? I can only imagine how gross this slimy, greasy mess would taste. I've never been so worked up about a "pizza" before.

5. I didn't know a cupcake could be classified as trashy, and yet this one somehow fits that description perfectly. 

Reddit | 4lmu

I can't really put my finger on why, but I also can't figure out why anyone would think this is okay.

6. Those white ovals are being sold as eggs, and that is just not okay.

Reddit | elsbellsmells

Fresh eggs, apparently. If you're cutting an egg in half and not seeing the yolk, that's probably a very bad sign.

7. Even if this "burger" is served, the person is going to be throwing their health in the garbage.

Reddit | AlexS101

I'm having a mild heart attack just looking at it. Like does it look good? Yeah. Do I value unclogged arteries? Also yeah.

8. Someone has gone and mass-produced the milk that is literally thrown out.

Reddit | Sigma_Rho

Am I the only one who doesn't slurp up the trash milk? Am I the only one with standards in the morning?

9. If you ever see this on your plate at a restaurant, you should just run away.

Reddit | NuGiBoE

I promise you that anything you make at home will be better. Even if you are the worst cook around.

10. Okay, so people really do put this s**t on everything?

Reddit | neeeeeerrrddd

I thought that was just for the commercials, but I guess people take their hot sauce as a topping very seriously.

11. A creation that probably tastes as horrible as it looks.

Reddit | Dumb_Reddit_Username

And by "probably," I mean "definitely." That's spam, candy corn, and olives. Plus a little bit of toothpaste as icing.

12. No chips? No problem!

Reddit | Reddit

Raw ramen noodles pack a lot of crunch, so this is basically the same as using chips — just like how tomato sauce is basically the same as having ketchup with your fries.

13. And this year for Thanksgiving, we are serving Turktopus.

Reddit | BubLubLaw

Bringing a whole new meaning to having surf and turf. This is a type of hybrid meal that I do not want to sea on my dinner table.

14. Asked for peanut sauce, got a totally different topping

Reddit | teengnome

Peanut butter and noodles coming right up! At least they both have peanuts in them? Not entirely sure that makes this any better.

15. If you want to eat this at home, that's okay(ish), but to bring it anywhere in public????

Instagram | @realfoolishness

WHERE YOU WORK?! It's not like you get to never see these people again! But I bet they get no more invites to potlucks.

16. Coming from a straight-up pickle-obsessed person, this is too much.

Reddit | sprawl_flatland

You have to have something in your meal that isn't just another pickle. Mix it up a bit.

17. Little to no effort was put into what could have been the most delish side dish.

Reddit | IronCurtain2112

I love garlic and I love fries. But you need to put in some work to make the dream work.

18. Potentially the most disgusting combo I have ever heard of.

Reddit | Reddit

I like weird foods and weird combos, but peanut butter and mayo sounds like a horrible, not good, 100% regrettable idea.

19. Why does this look like spicy chicken after you eat it? 

Reddit | PocketSpaghettios

You know? There's just something not entirely appetizing about food that looks like it's been digested already. The side dish is also questionable.

20. So this person's cooking skills are boiling water, and that's about it?

Reddit | FlaminNachos

No hate, but maybe they should try and explore other methods of cooking instead of just throwing everything in hot water.

21. I am a gravy lover through and through, but this is a little much.

Reddit | Reddit

And TBH I never thought I would say that, but this is just too much. It is now a soup, and you can't tell me anything different.

22. This is apparently considered a quesadilla, and that is bologna.

Reddit | randomjee

This is not a quesadilla, and it should not ever be uttered in the same sentence. It is a folded piece of lunch meat. With some cheese. That is all.

23. Why can't people just leave the poor bananas alone?

Reddit | SneakingSprinkles

They are perfectly fine in their natural state, and so pairing them with anything is weird. And with ham?! Just really gross. Yuck.

24. I love sushi and I love pizza, but this should never see the light of day. 

Reddit | MestreShaeke

It's a disgrace to anyone who loves either of these foods, and it should be outlawed.

25. I know some people boil their pasta in vegetable stock, but Powerade is next level.

Reddit | murtaza64

These noodles look radioactive, not going to lie.

26. From dreamy bear, to nightmare banshee.

Reddit | 9999monkeys

This is truly shocking to see.

27. A Pop-Tarts breakfast sandwich?

Reddit | romanpieces

I mean, this actually doesn't look too bad!

You got your sweet and savory all in one go, and I bet it tastes even better toasted.

28. This is horrifying.

Reddit | namenotrick

I never want to see eggs like this ever again.

29. Aww, these are sort of cute in their own way!

Reddit | lolosun

They remind me of something that would hang out with Gumby.

30. We can't knock the execution.

Reddit | ILoveJPGR

Just a little cleaning up here and there should do the trick...

31. As long as it's edible, right?

Reddit | PlausibleAbility

This cupcake dog looks like it needs help.

32. I actually want this exact cookie for my birthday.

Reddit | Antimonyy

Yes, the one on the right. Please take note.