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Will Smith Just Shared The Most TMI Facts During 'Emergency' Red Table Talk

The Smiths are kind of Hollywood's coolest family, no offense to the Baldwins, Kardashians, or the Hadids. You've got actors, musicians, and models in the Smith family, and of course you have Red Table Talk.

It turns out the Smiths might have more in common with your own family than you initially might've thought.

Will Smith is no stranger to embarrassing his kids.

As you can clearly see in this video promoting Jaden's water company 'Just Water', Will loves to make his family uncomfortable. That goes deeper than just making fun while filming.

During an episode of 'Red Table Talk' that Jada revealed Will called an 'emergency' and 'mandatory meeting' for the family, Will made some SUPER TMI health confessions.

While discussing the family's relationship with food, Will revealed that he didn't know "how to eat to feel good, how to eat to be healthy." He then revealed to his family, much to their shock and embarrassment, that he sometimes went three days without having to defecate.

"That's why your farts smell like that," Jaden exclaimed.

Will then revealed that, like most embarrassing dads out there, he actually likes being gassy.

"It's because of your food combining," explained Jada. "You're gonna eat broccoli and then ice cream, chocolate cake and an apple."

"That's why he smells the way he does."

"Then you do enjoy being gassy, you like punishing everybody, torturing all of us!" Jada continued.

I don't know about you but that sounds exactly like my dad.

Will also yelled, "My pee looks like beer sometimes!"

The entire Smith family agreed to undergo some health evaluation tests with the results revealed at a later date, but I imagine Will's will just come back and say "a classic dad."