14 Pics That Are Inspiring But Also Terrifying

Honestly, not to be SO extra but I am totally my own inspiration.

There is nothing quite like looking in the mirror every day and gaining strength by simply seeing your own reflection. HONESTLY, I recommend!

That doesn't mean I'm closed off to OTHER inspirations though, especially these 14 people who have inspired me but also TBH, scared me!!!!

1. I wish I had this kind of dedication to anything, BUT, I do not lol.

Twitter | @Hunter_GrahamJ

This person is LITERALLY about to be behind bars and they still care about their school work like... That is some role model material right there.

2. I'm so happy to see I'm not the only one who is ABOUT done with "Sunday night meal prep!!!!" Instas.

Twitter | @anng1111

GUESS WHAT, no one cares!

I truly am inspired but this person throwing caution to the wind and breaking the healthy eating stigma!

3. Iyanna is the new inspiration 'cause she has her priorities straight, Honey.

Instagram | @slayistings

I can't even lie to you guys: the two things I most often think about are 1) cake, and 2) being kidnapped so needless to say, this is IDEAL.

To be able to combine my two life passions, boxed cake and true crime, is a match made in heaven.

Is it terrifying to think about being kidnapped? Absolutely. But just drown those worries in cakeand BAM — you're inspired.

4. This is so amazing for her, but, like, SO sad for that guy lol.

Twitter | @Haileyamanduhhh

I think it's truly wild how easy it is for some women to find a Sugar Daddy, and here I am busting my butt trying to get me one!

5. I'm inspired that someone is also having my same dating problems but also I'm terrified that she is so...shameless about it!

Instagram | @5thyear

I can hardly read my dang texts in public, like, she is BALLSY.

6. This employee is changing the world, one pizza at a time.

Instagram | @will_ent

If I was president, I would make pineapple on pizza ILLEGAL and punishable by jail time, 'cause if you like fruity pizza, you are NOT to be trusted!!

7. I'm loving how much this dog is getting LOVED on, but also I am a grown woman and I don't have any article of clothing that fits me this well, lol.

Twitter | @rubyymaee

I mean, tha's pretty terrifying, right????

8. It IS the truth and it IS VERY dark, but at least we're not alone in our financial woes??

Instagram | @will_ent

The fact that my student debt is something I'll actually have to pay at some point is shocking!

But thank you for speaking the truth Shahem, 'cause Student Debt Crisis needs to KNOW the financial tornado of hellthey're NOT helping us with!

I am spiraling in monthly payments! I can hardly afford my Starbz twice a day!

9. I'm happy I'm not the only one who feels like they're shopping in a literal children's store sometimes, no shade no tea tho.

Instagram | @will_ent

I have had multiple body parts displaced in a Forever 21 dress SO many horrific times!

10. This is why I can never muster the courage to ask a mans out! LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS!

Twitter | @Anjalaaay

I mean, she couldn't have spelled it out any clearer to ME, but who knows what's in the mind of a mans?!

11. I am LITERALLY screaming!!!!

Twitter | @TayWest

I mean, she tried to grab life by the balls, but life grabbed her RIGHT back, Honey.

What did she expect though? He is a Daddy, but he's also a FATHER, MISS!

12. I'm inspired by the intelligence of today's youth, but also terrified that this is what their brain power is going towards.

Twitter | @maria_omfg

I guess it's better than asking a stranger who takes one blurry pic and runs before you ask them to take another.


Twitter | @tpain_yo

This was my nightmare as a THICC child, so I cannot imagine having it come true, and having to be SAVED by hot fireman like... how she grew up and lived after this trauma is V #inspo!

14. These do look like actual eyelids so that's like a lot to take in, but other than that... GOOD on this INCREDIBLE talent, like WOW!

Instagram | @slayistings

I can draw like a 4/10 stick figure on a good day, lol.

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