Paul McCartney Remembered John Lennon On 'The Late Show': "I Dream About Him"

Recently on The Late Show , Stephen Colbert interviewed legend, Sir Paul McCartney, and the star got super candid about his time with The Beatles.

And man, it was quite emotional.

He mentioned that he constantly thinks about his time with the band.

“I dream about him,” McCartney said about John Lennon.

Yeah, cue the tears.

He went into even deeper detail about his relationship.

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“The thing is, when you’ve had a relationship like that for so long, it’s such a deep relationship,”

“I love when people revisit you in your dreams. I often have band dreams, and they’re crazy."

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"I’m often with John and just talking about doing something and I come to get my bass ready to play and it’s covered in sticky tape. You know, dreams! So, I’m picking all this stuff off, trying to talk to him."

Here's the entire video for your viewing pleasure!

So grab some tissues, a warm blanket, and a hot cup of tea, because it's about to get emotional.