11+ Funny Parenting Hacks That You Won't Find On Pinterest

Parenting is a full-time job most parents wish they were actually getting paid for. But unfortunately, that isn't the case. So when you can make your life as a parent easier, that's almost life-saving.

I'm here to tell you a few clever hacks that are not only going to ease your day but perhaps make you laugh just a little, too.

1. When You Don't Need To Hire Help

But instead, you can convince your child that the vacuum cleaner is evil so they'll use it to tick you off. LOL.

2. When You Need To Be Prepared

Don't say you weren't warned, ha, ha. I would listen to this lady because it sounds like she definitely knows what she's talking about.

3. When You Need To Be Clever

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OMG, kudos to this mom for using this clever trick to get her kids to cooperate. She's one kick-ass mother.

4. When You're Tired Of Cooking

So you get your kid to do it by calling this activity "playing restaurant" as this clever mom explains. Hey, it worked for her.

5. When You Invent Your Own Language

What? That is so genius. My uncle used to speak in a special language with my cousin and it was pretty hilarious.

6. When Kids Won't Listen

Just see how long it takes for them to get annoyed with you and next time they won't be gluttons for this punishment.

7. When You're Teaching Kids To Tell The Truth

Wow, such an interesting strategy this mom used. Sounds like it's totally working for her. You should be doing it, too.

8. When You Need To Lie To Your Kids

Hey, in this mom's defense she had a really good reason for it. After all, the kid has to eat. Right?

9. When You're Too Lazy

Okay, I don't exactly condone this behavior. I mean, let the kid have some ice cream. But perhaps not every day. So I'll forgive you.

10. When You're Using What You've Got

On the other hand, this mom used a different strategy to get her kids out of their hiding spot and good on her.

11. When You're A Parent Of Twins

And you're tired of trying to tell them apart. This is definitely a smart and clever solution. I absolutely love this. Hehe.

12. When You're Tired Of Cleaning

You turn your kid into a dust mop by dressing them as this mom did. Ha, ha, ha. I'm digging the way she thinks.

13. When You Need To Get S**t Done

This is probably the best parent hack if you ask me because as long as they're "hiding" you're totally golden. Yipee!

Well, I hope you got a kick out of reading these awesome but also pretty funny ways other parents dealt with their kids.

Now you shouldn't feel left out.

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