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A Bride Sweetly Surprised Her Grandmother By Wearing Her Vintage Wedding Dress

It used to be that our parents' and grandparents' wedding dressing served simply as lavish and super extra play clothing for us and our friends. At the time, many of these dresses seemed tacky and gaudy, perfect to make a mess of.

That may not be the case any longer. One bride gave her grandmother such a sweet surprise when she wore her dress from 1962 on her wedding day.

Wedding photographer Kourtney J Photo caught this touching moment when the bride's grandmother saw her granddaughter in her old wedding dress.

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This is a very special first look, there's no doubt about that.

It's hard to believe that the dress is from 1962.

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It looks like it's in amazing condition!

To be honest, this is my dream wedding dress. Simple, classy, lace, and elegant.

Kortney wrote in a viral Facebook post that the bride's grandmother had absolutely no idea that the bride had snuck away with the dress.

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This first look photo shoot says it all. The grandmother is completely emotional!

"You guessed it. I bawled," she said.

Most of us are, too.

This is a reminder to keep your wedding dress.

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You might not only be surprised with how trendy it might become, but by who might want to honor you in a big way.

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