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Taco Bell Is Now Selling Super Saucey Halloween Costumes

Taco Bell has been rising in popularity over the years, remodeling stores and revamping their menus.

Now, the Mexican-inspired fast food chain has an online Taco Shop, where they sell everything from wedding merch, to pool accessories, swimsuits, and now, Halloween costumes.

Thinking of a Halloween costume? Think again, because Taco Bell's got you.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is seriously turning up the heat this Halloween with their hot sauce packet Halloween costumes.

You'll be able to go as their original Hot sauce, Fire sauce, Diablo sauce, and Verde Salsa.

Taco Bell

You can choose each flavor in dress or tunic form, each $39.99.

This is a great group costume idea for the whole gang! No fighting over sauce flavor, though.

Taco Bell is also selling a Cheesy Gordita Crunch tunic for $44.99.

Taco Shop

They had to. If they're going to sell Halloween costumes, they've gotta include the other crowd faves.

And you can bring your little munchkin in on all the Taco Bell Halloween fun with this 7-Layer Burrito Baby bunting for $24.99.

Taco Shop

Who knew a 7-Layer Burrito could be so adorable?

Taco Bell really wants everyone to be extra this Halloween, and I'm here for it and support their endeavors.