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Twix Cheesecake Is A Real Thing So Get Ready To Say 'Goodbye' To Your Waistline

Guys, it's fall now. I don't care what you summer lovers say, September just automatically equals fall. And to me, fall means one very important thing: comfort food.

Summer is behind us, so let go off your "bikini body" stresses and indulge a little! Or a lot. It's your world.

And as you begin your sweet, sweet descent into the glorious world of fall foods, might I suggest grabbing a fork and digging into what might possibly be the most amazing dessert ever: Twix Cheesecake.

No, you're not dreaming, this is a REAL product that ACTUALLY exists.

According to Delish, Instagram user junkfoodonthego recently spotted this delectable dessert in Hong Kong. Oh, and notice that box at the bottom of the picture? That's a Mars Mud Pie. My sweet tooth is shaking.

Let's talk about the Twix Cheesecake first, because we all know that's why you're here.

Buckle up, because this sound sounds absolutely divine.

The cheesecake features beautiful layers of creamy caramel sauce, topped with a thick coating of chocolate sauce and some yummy chocolate covered biscuits. Oh, and apparently it's supposed to serve eight people but that feels awfully optimistic to me. In this case, sharing is not caring. Get away from my cheesecake, Carol.

Now onto that Mars Mud Pie that tried to slip under our radar.

As it turns out, this product has actually been around since 2017, and I'm personally offended I'm only just hearing about it now.

This dessert is made of soft chocolate sponge cake, beautifully topped with malt-flavored ice cream, caramel, and lots and lots of chocolate. Serving size for this dreamy dessert is six but again, that sounds super optimistic.

Okay, now for some bad news: it looks like these products are widely available in the UK and China, but not so much in the U.S.

That's not to say they're entirely impossible to find here. But you may have to scour the freezer aisle in lot of grocery stores before you actually find them to buy for yourself.

So my suggestion is to get off your booty and start looking because once you've seen these things, it's impossible not to try them for yourself.

h/t: Delish