These Crocheted Dragon Scale Gloves Are Perfect For Warming Up On A Winter Day

Every winter we hit the same dilemma: how do we look cool and stay warm at the same time? While cute mittens and fun beanies do exist, wouldn't it be more fun to incorporate dragons into our everyday outfits?

Lucky for us, that is a real possibility thanks to an Etsy shop that sells fingerless crocheted dragon scale gloves that are so beautiful, you'll want a pair in every color.

Mareshop is owned by Kristine, who is inspired by the knitting and crocheting her mother did when she was growing up.

Etsy | mareshop

After graduating from art school, she was a stay-at-home mom who wanted to spread the idea behind her mother's work.

Kristine says she is inspired by colors and textures, and likes combining the two in her work.

Etsy | mareshop

That's definitely apparent in her all of her gloves, as the detail, color, and texture are what make these gloves look like true dragon scales.

She's created gloves in so many color combinations that there's bound to be a pair you can't resist.

Etsy | mareshop

A pair of gloves costs around $40–50, but the care and detail that goes into them make it worth that price. Not to mention how totally awesome you'll look in them.

Or you can grab the pattern for just $6 and make a pair yourself, like many others have done. 

Etsy | Vera Viel

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