Couple Breaks Up On Twitter Thread And It's Really Uncomfortable

Any breakup, unless it's amicable and mutual, is sad. And even if it does end on good terms, there's still a sort of loss.

That's why most people keep breakups private and don't use social media to broadcast them. Notice I said most people, because this couple didn't keep things on the down-low. No, they had their final ending on Twitter for everyone to see, and it's as uncomfortable as it sounds.

The worst place to show off your relationship is social media of any kind.

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Because either you're super annoying, or you display embarrassment everywhere and to everyone, and it's just not cute.

Granted, social media is a great place to appear happy even when you're not. 


Illusions are created every day of the perfect life, perfect job, great friends, happy relationships...but what is real?

For one couple, the truth came out in a Twitter thread, which is the last place they expected or wanted.

But hey, on the great interwebs, anything can happen.

Boy and girl. Twitter. Idiocy. And a breakup that was a long time coming.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is entertainment at its finest, so thank goodness for the internet and the really uncomfortable couples who call it home.

Our story of ultimate wreckage starts with Twitter user @nohidea_ sending out this glorious tweet of wisdom.

Twitter | @nohidea_

So there are a lot of things wrong with this, as many people pointed out.

Twitter | @phloridomi

Things like... Does he not pay for bills, food, other expenses? $3-4k will last me 3-4 months if I ONLY pay rent.

But then things started to get really good when @nohidea_'s girlfriend replied to his thread.

Twitter | @youknowlimbo

He tried to cover his butt.

Twitter | @nohidea_

He could have put more effort into it or just not have made the original tweet in the first place, but here we are. And things could only get worse.

Things started to get really heated.  

Twitter | @youknowlimbo

Obviously his girlfriend has had a lot on her mind but just didn't get an opportunity to talk about it. Not that Twitter is the best place for that...

He's digging himself such a deep hole... And the thing is, he handed himself the shovel. 

Twitter | @youknowlimbo

Just stop because you're not getting ahead and your soon-to-be ex is burying you.

@nohidea_ tweeted a pic of a receipt for $500 prompting his girlfriend to call him out on not paying the full price.

Twitter | @youknowlimbo

Okay so, again...why aren't they having this convo in person?

Twitter | @youknowlimbo

Well cause @nohidea_ is a straight-up coward.

Yeah internet, what you doing?

Twitter | @nohidea_

Because it wasn't YOU who made the tweet in the first place. It isn't YOU who is just not...bright at all.

Yes you did, but at least now you know! And so does the internet...

Twitter | @youknowlimbo

All things considered though, I'm glad they figured out their relationship wasn't going to work out.

Those who followed the Twitter thread can all agree that @youknowlimbo is going to be much happier without her ball and chain dragging her down.

Twitter | @gwenix

This whole thing was pretty uncomfortable, but just like a burning train wreck, you can't look away.

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