16 People Who Are 200% Done With Winter

As I turn the heater up for the fifth time today, I can't help but get frustrated. For the past four months, I have been bundled up every second of every day, shivering and cursing due to the freezing weather just outside my windows. We get it, it's winter.

But if we're being honest? I'm absolutely over this whole "cold weather" business. And it turns out I'm not alone.

1. Like everyone who can spiritually relate with the scariest animal in the forest.

Twitter | @home_halfway

If laying down in a cave in the middle of the wilderness and sleeping as a literal blizzard passes you by is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

2. This guy who knows the true value of a flamethrower. 

Reddit | Grimalkin

If you have to deal with ice and snow you might as well have fun with it. And by "fun," I mean use fire to feel like a superhero and totally destroy the winter.

3. Anyone who has to ski in and out of their apartment. 

Twitter | @subredditsbot

It's hard enough to drag yourself out of your home to go to work. Just imagine having to put on skis and literally exercise in the cold to do it.

4. This poor kid who unfortunately turned his back on his work of art.

I mean, come on. Imagine working all day on the most magnificent snowman, only to have it crash and fall right as you're posing with your masterpiece.

5. Anyone who lives in this house. 

Reddit | JanitorMaster

I mean, talk about the perfect excuse to just curl up in bed, watch a whole bunch of Netflix, and count down the moments until spring finally arrives.

6. The poor commuters who have to literally go through a tunnel of snow to get to work. 

Twitter | @happycommutes

The only thing worse than going to work is crawling through ice to get to work.

7. Rudolph.

Reddit | Spurscar

If anyone was ever ready for winter to be over, it's the guy whose family forces him to wear a red nose and pose as a deer for a Christmas card.

8. This freezing cat, this annoyed pet owner, and these wood floors.

There's truly nothing like a cold, angry, hungry cat tracking water, snow, and mud all over your hardwood floors.

9. Everyone who is just begging for this whole "miserable weather" thing to be over.

Instagram | @renaki68

What will it take for you to leave us alone, snow? We're calling "uncle" okay?! UNCLE!

10. This kitchen.

Reddit | Mynameisadrean

If you thought having messy counters or dirty dishes was a drag, imagine trying to clean up a giant ice waterfall that's just existing in the middle of your home.

11. This guy who is 100% going to be late to work.

Twitter | @jodoughartpei

What's worse than being late to work? Trying to be on time to work but having to literally dig your car out to get there and still being late.

12. Basically all of the Game of Thrones characters.

I mean, at first, all they talked about was how winter was coming. Now they talk about winter being here. They must be totally pumped for spring.

13. All of us who have officially become weather reporters. 

Twitter | @laurenduca

Ah, yes. Another case of winter. I'm going to guess that it's gonna be cool. Real cold. Like, painfully, horribly, insanely cold.

14. These poor people who just want to walk out the front door.

Twitter | @ruslodi

So, what does this mean? That they just have to sit inside, watching Netflix and eating snacks? Wait. That actually doesn't sound so bad.

15. People who feel the need to literally beg the winter for the spring. 

Twitter | @leesahanne

We get it. You're cold, just like our hearts, but come on. Cut us some slack here!

16. Honestly? We're just all completely over this weather.

Bring on the sunshine, the pool parties, and the tropical punch. All that's missing is my summer body and I'll be set!

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