16+ People Whose Creativity Went Off The Rails

Being a creative person is definitely a good thing. You can always come up with cool new approaches to things, you start trends, and others tend to be impressed by the things you can achieve.

Sometimes though, creativity can take on a mind of its own. Off-the-wall creativity can mean groundbreaking masterpieces and revolutionary inventions, but for these people below, it just meant a whole lot of headaches.

That's one way to sneak food into the movies.

The Chive | The Chive

Maybe I'm old school, but haven't y'all heard of a purse? I don't know what kind of theater you're going to, but it's not like they check. Do you really think some high school student being paid minimum wage cares if you bring your own Twix bar?

I mean, sure you could do this.

Funny Junk | Funny Junk

But you could also just say no. If you have the time and patience for this kinda stuff, then I applaud you, but if I tried this, there's one thing I do know — as soon as he saw this booty, he'd know I was messing with him.

Proof that there's such a thing as too creative.

Imgur | EfferenceCopy

A huge part of marketing is thinking outside of the box, but when your idea results in people being unable to even contact your company, I'd probably suggest paring it back a bit.

At first, this seems like a clever way to hit on a customer.

iFunny | iFunny

But the more I think about it, the more I realize how little I'm willing to risk when it comes to my morning routine. If you're not Chris Pratt, don't do this, because if I have to change coffee shops, you will live to regret it.

This guy probably thought he was so clever.

Reddit | questfailer

One time I found these bags of Skittles with a promo on the side. Collect five bags, get a movie ticket. Movie tickets are like $14 each where I live, and the candy was only two bucks a bag, so naturally, I bought out the entire store. Sometimes being clever works...just not in this case.

This is just bad form.

Instagram | @kalesalad

No one wants the reject cards, not even you. That doesn't mean you get to pass them off as something new. I'm all for saving a buck when I can, but I mean, come on.

No one said that car repairs were cheap.

Imgur | Calinway

This has gotta compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle. I know zero about cars and could totally be making that up, but I stand by it.

Sure, it's cute for now.

Reddit | PotatoMuffinMafia

But what happens when winter passes and you're left with out-of-season roof decorations? I can't think of anything worse than that. Absolutely nothing.

As you can see, a quick Google search would've saved them from a world of embarrassment.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I do applaud the fact that she looked at her completed attempt and didn't even question it, though.

That stuff comes out in the wash, you know.

Instagram | @mallofmeme

With the amount of money you'd end up spending on Wite-Out, you might as well just buy a pair of real Adidas sweats.

These homeowners used trash bags to turn their gangly old oak tree into a spider on Halloween.

Reddit | hipsterhank

Then, they just left it. On Thanksgiving, it got a pilgrim hat. Then a Santa hat and beard for Christmas. This Cinco de Spider is Cinco de Scary, though.

Surely there is a better way to transport this.

Reddit | ThreeFingeredTypist

This has to be in violation of some kinda road rule. Hopefully the cops don't see him and they end up in a high-speed chase because I feel like it would be pretty hard for him to get away.

This is a great idea — in theory. 

Instagram | @will_ent

That is, if he included his height in the advertisement. Maybe that's a super old-looking baby and the TV is only 15 inches, who can tell?

Ordering things online is always a risk.

Facebook | Nichole Rodriguez

I bet that this person wishes they never ordered, but what about the person who did this? Did they think that the buyer wasn't going to notice?

"You Smell Divine!"

Reddit | mrblahblahblah

Not going anywhere in life, or as in geographically? You know what, don't answer that as I fear the answers may be the same.

This smart-aleck of a child, already cheating the system in kindergarten.

Reddit | yourmomprobably

This child has a bright future ahead of him! One day he will be passing his skills of avoiding actual work onto the next generation, and humanity will eventually get so lazy that it simply ceases to be.

Pizza Hut got jokes.

Reddit | PaleBlueDot9

Do you see what they've done there? It's like Jane Doe, but it says, Dough! You know, because they make pizza!

This guy's son modified a "scary" book with stickers to be less scary.

Reddit | TURO

Well, that really does take the sting out the fear factor, doesn't it? I wish I could have done this with Doctor Who as a kid.

Air Pods Pro (XR Version).

Reddit | zxc728

They not only don't stream music, but they compress the wax in your dirty ears until you eventually can't hear a thing! Extra functions include: Bursting your eardrum!

"We did a contest at work where kids had to draw what safety meant to them. Obvious winner right here."

Reddit | the_nubster

I like how they've had to add a little 18 rating in the corner there. Never before has something been so innocently well-intentioned, yet gone so wildly off message.

Another way to get snacks into the movie theater.

Reddit | lilmizzvalz

At least a bellyful of snacks isn't going to eventually grow up and take all of your money and your life's energy, only then leave you alone!

A woman's birthday gift to her husband: a fantastic painting of their Derperman Pinscher.

Reddit | jread

For something so goofy, it is pretty amazing quality! Well done for being weirdly good at something so strangely discomforting!

"Every year I get my boyfriend a cake for his birthday. This year I asked what type he wanted. He said 'I don’t care.'"

Reddit | shesafireball

This guy will surely think twice before half-assing an answer to such a seemingly unimportant question in the future!

Getting creative at Ikea.

Reddit | PrincessSaretta

In fairness, what else are you going to do in Ikea? That place steals your soul right out of your body without you even realizing, then parades you around its highly organized shop only to try and sell you your soul back with additional shelving units at the end.

This overly creative way to measure wind speeds.

Reddit | dotaplayer1548

I personally love how noble they make the trashcans sound by describing them when they're at rest as, "Standing Tall." Such dignity, standing tall.

*Panicked Mooing!*

Reddit | S-T-Michael

It took me a while to get this. For those of you who need assistance, it's a cow being abducted by a UFO. And no, I do not know who had the time in their life to do this.

"Hobos are getting creative where I live."

Imgur | cheepasskid

Now, that is a genius idea! That is until you take your fifth quarter to the eye.

When the FedEx man gets too creative.

Reddit | roofusthedoofus

The person who left that there has real faith in their Jenga-Esque stacking abilities. What's wrong with just leaving it with a neighbor?

The world's most creative maid.

Reddit | Mama_Ama

I don't think that I will ever be as adept at anything as this maid is at folding origami towel creatures; and yes, that sentence is as disheartening as it sounds.

*Squints and leans closer*

Reddit | Woodlands_Creature

Wait a minute, that's not a Victorian iPad at all! It's a Victorian iPad Mini! Yeah, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to get past me!

Ohio. No amateurs.

Reddit | quantim

I just don't know why someone would do this. I mean, this guy taking the photo clearly isn't wearing his seatbelt from the sign on his dash! Oh, the professional ass thing is a bit weird too I guess.

The world's most creative birthday card.

Reddit | citytank

Now I'm a fan of minimalism, but this is another level. Chris, wherever and whoever you are, you are my new spiritual mentor.

Deal of the century.

Reddit | aidan2411

I realize that it's a gag, but a part of me really wants to buy two of them anyway! Christ, I'm a sucker for a deal.

I wonder what classifies as a "book for tall people."

Imgur | Imgur

Is it about being tall? Is it just super out of reach? Do the letters stretch higher than normal? I'm 5 foot 5, so I'll probably never know.

Top notch car dealership.

Instagram | 311uncalm

I mean, I love the joke, but what in God's name has it got to do with cars? Please, can someone find the link there?

When your feet are ugly but you wanna wear flip-flops.

Twitter | @FBHWJustin

I get it, pedicures are expensive, but this is ridiculous. What happens if you wanna change your toenail polish?

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