23 Pics That'll Make You Pee A Little

Sometimes after a rough day, you just need to sit down and look at some random images on the internet. We've compiled a nice little selection for you that could elicit any kind of humorous reaction, ranging from a sharp exhale from your nose to the aforementioned involuntary peeing of one's pants. Your mileage may vary!

1. I don't know if water coolers need to come in his and hers versions, but here we are.

Reddit | mashoodali00

I hope they have a nice honeymoon because soon they're gonna have little water bottles rolling around. And you don't want to be around when this water breaks.

2. If you ever wanted to buy someone else's childhood, now's your chance.

Imgur | FishMarshall

What made them give up their ninja ways? Workplace accident? Spousal interference? Not enough money in ninja-ing? Those daggers could make for some neat can openers if you ask me.

3. Is this an easy joke? Yes, yes it is. Does it make it any less funny? No, no it does not.

Reddit | gggfffmannn

I walked in there once looking for some propane but the staff were really mean! You might even say the service stinks.

4. Trust me, you don't want to test the Big G like that. He hates it when people don't show up.

Reddit | dodoreddits

God's idea of academic penalties involves a lot of eternal torment and being prodded at by pitchforks, or so I hear. His son is a little less hardcore.

5. Wow, they're really running out of names for horror film killers, aren't they?

Reddit | chrisleesalmon

Still, it's better than the other names they had for him, like "The Bye Bye Man." Hold on a second...I'm being told that is the actual name of this movie.

6. Come on, vogue! Let your body move to the music!

Reddit | bnimbla

In the fashion world, this can also be seen as a mating dance, or a challenge to become the fashion alpha.

7. When bae asks you to share your fries, and you turn around to see this.

Reddit | Nadeko-

All I'm saying is that if you want fries so bad, buy your own! I've gotta eat, too!

8. Sometimes the illusion of security is just as good as the real thing.

Reddit | juhtey

The real twist is the hidden camera they put behind this fake camera. No one expects the double-fakeout secret camera.

9. When your bullies try to pick a fight with you, but don't know that you're a level 20 bard in D&D.

Reddit | FourthAge

What's that? I can't hear your pitiful screams over my Enchanted Battle Bagpipes of Grimthalor.

10. When you're feeling down, nothing quite brings up your spirits like mistakes of others — especially the permanent kind.

Reddit | JustDesaix

I mean, you'd think there are enough examples of failed baby tattoos on the internet to dissuade people from doing it, but you'd also be wrong.

11. "I find your lack of faith...disturbing." —Pope Vader

Reddit | skezixx

First order of business for Pope Vader: Outlaw all sand and rename the Death Star to something more demographic-friendly. Death Angel, maybe? He'll have to workshop it.

12. You ever have one of those mornings where it feels like there's a crocodile in your bed?

With sick moves like those, he just might become the next Steve Irwin!

13. They must have paid for the express funeral package.

Reddit | Jackaser

Great-grandpa Wilhelm was a lumberjack all his life. It's what he would have wanted since getting strapped to a log and sent downriver wasn't an option.

14. Judging by the expressions of the four adults assisting him, this doesn't look like the first time this has happened.

Reddit | MoeMetA

The hidden story is that the guy on the left bet him 20 bucks he couldn't do it.

15. As if cats didn't already have a reason to hate us as it is.

Reddit | therealsoniclover59

That's the kind of look that says, "I hope you enjoy those new curtains while they last, Janet."

16. I wonder if this is the same guy who did that Ronaldo statue. 

Reddit | BirdUpTV

You have to admit, a statue made from Soylent could have gone worse, especially if it were green.

17. Why should communities come together to help each other out when there's an opportunity to be petty and passive-aggressive?

Reddit | Whitlow14

Up next, a classic winter slip-and-fall lawsuit that will really shake things up.

18. I have the same reaction when I look in the mirror in the morning.

Reddit | JoeSwingJoe

Like, why is there a huskier, less majestic version of myself staring back at me? Why?

19. Don't let your dreams be dreams, amirite?

Reddit | jhawkins93

Maybe if Anakin had stuck with his podracing career, the galaxy might have been a better place. Watch out for those Tusken Raiders, big guy!

20. When you don't know the difference between house music and electronica, and you're dead inside anyway so it doesn't really matter.

Reddit | Tony_Sacrimoni

I think this is what they do with Zuckerberg at night.

21. There are plenty of questions with this one, the foremost being, are they pulling that kid out of the cannon, or pushing him in?

Reddit | lillardzero

I feel like that's an important detail.

22. When you're forced to sit in the one seat on the plane with a broken screen, you must be taking a loooong flight.

Reddit | airportspecial

And of course the airline will say they're just saving you the trouble of finding out there's nothing on to watch.

23. When the mercury hits a certain point on the thermometer, this is a legit strategy.

Reddit | wertw3t

It looks weird, but I bet the other folks on the bus would thank you for staunching your heavy flow.

There's nothing like a good ol' belly laugh to get you moving, and honestly, between the wood chipper and that kid, I'm SET.

I don't know about you, but I need to go change. Why? Oh...no reason.

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