The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over One Girl's Brilliant Highlighter Hack

With summer just around the corner, I know we all want to do whatever we can to make sure we have a perfect glow going on.

If you're like me and don't want to spend any money or a lot of time getting that glow, then look no further than this 10/10 highlight hack.

I'm not quite sure when or where it happened, but at some point, the beauty industry completely exploded

Instagram | @mannymua733

And when that happened, highlight became a thing that you had to wear.

It's not just me, right? I feel like people rarely used highlighter before these insane makeup trends.

Now, all of a sudden, if you don't have a good highlight rocking, you're a nobody. |

And okay, that's fine — a strong highlight is definitely a look. It can make anything pop.

I've seen it take makeup looks from a zero to 100, just like that.

The only problem with a decent highlighter is that it can get pretty expensive.

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Everyone has been absolutely raving over Fenty Beauty's Body Lava Body Luminizer.

And I mean, sure, it'll give you that gorgeous glow, but for the not-so-cheap price of $59.

So when this beauty vlogger dropped her two ingredient highlighter hack, the internet was totally and completely shook.

YouTube | leaahluv

Because hello, who doesn't want to rock that flawless glow but also save the little amount of money you do have?

*raises hand*

The vlogger, Aleah (who goes by the name leaahluv), is here to totally save your summer and your wallet. 

Twitter | @leaahluv

To start out, you'll need a small bottle filled with baby oil.

If you know baby oil won't work for you, you can also use almond oil.

Instagram | @organicahealthy

Other users have suggested using coconut oil. Know what works best with your skin type!

She then takes her favorite loose highlighter powder and adds a small amount to the bottle.

YouTube | leaahluv

She uses La Peach by Artist Couture, but if you have a personal favorite, go right ahead and use that.

Simply shake until well blended, and apply over your skin for the same jaw-dropping look thatAleah has.

The internet went absolutely crazy over this hack, but we were also provided some pretty important safety tips that you should know.

First of all, some users suggested adding a few drops of glycerin to the combination to ensure that the highlight isn't going to transfer onto other clothes.

YouTube | leaahluv

Which is pretty important, because that's the last thing you want to happen.

It's also really important to apply sunscreen before the baby oil.

Twitter | @ohjasminee

Otherwise, if it gets too sunny out, you're going to burn dangerously quick, and I know nobody wants that.

Other than that, her followers were inspired by this hack and made their own gorgeous body highlights.

Twitter | @sunkissedmamii

Some even got creative and gave them their own names based on the different highlights they used.

Basically, everyone was just stoked to not have to pay for the really expensive Fenty Beauty version of the all-over highlighter.

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What do you think of this brilliant hack? Are you going to try it out for yourself? COMMENT and let us know!